PhD fellowship/scholarship - Nanopatterned ligands to study stem cell adhesion and signalling

Aarhus University

Aarhus C, Denmark

The project aims to use advanced molecular patterning approaches based on surface immobilized molecular patterns (for example DNA origami based protein patterns) to study the role of multivalencey and pattern recognition in cell adhesion to the extracellular matrix or adjacent cells and subsequent signaling. The work will contribute to unraveling extrinsic signals in stem cell differentiation of epidermal stem cells.

Using surface nanobiotechnology approaches, ligands will be immobilized on surfaces with controlled spacing, number and pattern to correlate single versus multivalent binding in focal adhesions to stem cell adhesion and differentiation. A secondary goal of the project will be to use the same approaches of co-pattern ligands in specific patterns to study the role of synergistic binding of growth factors within cellular adhesions (e.g. desmosomes) or in the local vicinity of cellular adhesions on signaling within the adhesive complex and later downstream effects. The work will involve both development of the patterning approaches, their advanced characterization using super-resolution optical approaches and the application of these approaches to study specific mechanisms of adhesion and signaling relevant for decision making in stem cell niche environments.

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