Post-Doctoral Associate - Biomedical Engineering

Post-Doctoral Associate - Biomedical Engineering

University of Minnesota Biomedical Engineering

Minneapolis, United States


Elucidating the Signal for Contact Guidance in Aligned Fibril Networks

An NSF-funded project aims to elucidate the biophysical signal contained a network of aligned fibrils that cells sense and respond to as contact guidance. Contact guidance is essential to almost every physiological process and TE/RM.

This investigator will design, perform, and analyze experiments aimed at isolating hypothesized signals contained in aligned fibril networks, for example, anisotropic stiffness for multiple cell types (e.g. fibroblasts, melanoma cells) and multicellular assemblies (endothelial tubes).

Experimental methods for this project are diverse and include use, for example, of the following:

• magnetically-aligned collagen and fibrin
• collagen and fibrin crosslinking chemistries
• optical microscopy (confocal, reflectance)
• live cell imaging
• indentation testing
• blocking antibodies
• image analysis
• fiber network reconstruction/morphometry

She/he will interact with a group of researchers at UMN using computational modeling of cell protrusion responses to the hypothesized signals. The project can be expanded, for example, into investigating how aligned fibrin serves as a template for cellular deposition of aligned extracellular matrix that is critical to engineered tissue being used for arterial grafts and tubular heart valves. For more information about this line of research, see related publications at

The position is available starting Summer 2018 at a competitive salary. Candidates must apply with a statement about relevant training for this project, a CV including at least three references, and a pdf of his/her most relevant publication to the UMN application

Inquiries can be sent to Prof. Bob Tranquillo:

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Post-Doctoral Associate - Biomedical Engineering