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The School of Life Sciences, Shanghai University

Shanghai, China

Shanghai University is a public comprehensive research university in Shanghai, which is one of the nation’s leading research universities. It is amongst the list of Project 211 for top national universities. According to the World University Rankings issued by QS in 2019, Biology in Shanghai University was ranked within top 400. In addition, Biology & Biochemistry and Clinical Medicine reach the top 1% worldwide in Essential Science Indicators (ESI) due to its high citations.

The School of Life Sciences was formerly the Department of Biology of Shanghai University of Science & Technology, founded by a group of well-known Chinese biologists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1958, such as Ying-Lai Wang, Zhao-Wen Shen, Tian-Qin Cao, Cheng-Lu Zou, Jing-Yi Niu etc. The School of Life Sciences, Shanghai University is reorganized and renamed from the former Biology Department of Shanghai Tech University in 1995. Academician Xiongli Yang, former director of the Institute of Physiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, was the first dean. And the current dean is Professor Robert Chunhua Zhao, a specially-appointed professor of the Cheung Kong Scholars and the recipient of the National Outstanding Youth Fund, Academician of European Academy of Sciences, Arts and Humanities.

to foster and nurture future leading scientists, the School of Life Sciences is gathering a top-tier faculty of 30 professors and 30 associate professors, including 8 national high-level talents such as the winner of “Cheung Kong Scholars" and the recipient of " National Outstanding Youth Fund", and 34 provincial high-level talents. The School of Life Science has three undergraduate programs in bioengineering, food science and engineering and Biological Pharmacy; and is accredited to offer M.S. degrees in the field of Biology, Biochemical Engineering, and Food Science, and Ph.D. degrees in the field of Bioinformatics and System Biology. The school has one key laboratory: Shanghai Key Laboratory of Bio-energy and Biomedical Science. Now it is a hub where innovative research and education combine to provide a multi-disciplinary approach to learning, and to solving global challenges.

Facing the needs of country and Shanghai, the School of Life Science has developed a discipline development plan in accordance with the characteristics of the school, focusing on the development of three distinctive subject areas: cell biomedical innovation, biomaterials, and brain cognitive science. With the the opportunity of construction of Shanghai high-level local universities, scientists are encouraged to implement their innovative ideas, explore cutting-edge research areas and devote to extensive international collaboration to solve global challenges. In the past two years, the school of life science has made significant progress in scientific research and development.

“Life science and Biomedical research are borderless,”said Robert Zhao, the school dean. We believe that biomedical translational investigation and application promote the revealing of the life code and therapeutic strategy for severest diseases. According to Zhao.

Adhering to the path of intensive development through characteristics and talents, Shanghai University is putting forth efforts to improve the overall quality of talents training and school running level, and build a high-level university with distinctive characteristics and good domestic and international reputation. We sincerely welcome topnotch talents from home and abroad to join us!

Life Science and Biomedicine: Cell Biology, Biomaterials, Molecular Biology, Medical Immunology, Bioinformatics, Clinical Medicine, Regenerative and Translational Medicine and related majors. Cellular reprogramming, Cell fate determination, Cell differentiation, Epigenetics, Exosomes, Immune and stem cell clinical trials are preferred.

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Worldwide search for talent at the School of Life Sciences, Shanghai University