Uppsala University (UU)


Uppsala University (UU)

Uppsala, Sweden


The Vice-Chancellor

will be a professor and an internationally recognised scholar who is well acquainted with the academic sector, the government sector and Swedish society in general;
will have actively and successfully engaged in education at first, second and third cycle (Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD) levels, and in collaboration with the wider community;
will have extensive experience of successful academic leadership and an ability to translate vision into action;
will have a documented commitment to issues concerning the overall role of universities in society.

Leadership and management

The Vice-Chancellor will have the ability to:

  • unite the entire University by demonstrating clear, inspiring and cooperative leadership based on great personal integrity, sound judgement, an ethical attitude, moral courage and decisiveness;
  • uphold and promote collegial processes and academic freedom;
  • seek and secure support for decisions, and implement and follow up on decisions taken;
  • promote a good work environment, equal opportunities and equal treatment throughout the University;
  • support and protect broad student influence at all levels, conduct an ongoing dialogue with student representatives, and take an active interest in the University’s students in terms of both their education and student life;
  • establish and deepen relations and contacts with regional, national and international actors of importance to the University;
  • be prominent in public debate, supporting the involvement of the University in contemporary challenges and asserting and defending democratic principles, scientific approaches and the integrity of research in all situations where this is necessary;
  • have a clearly visible presence among employees and students and dare to take initiatives to bring about renewal and change when necessary.

The person who is appointed as Vice-Chancellor must be qualified according to the Higher Education Ordinance (Chapter 2, Section 11). Uppsala University is a Swedish public authority and is subject to the Swedish Language Act.

Please apply via recruiter’s website.

Quote Reference: UFV-PA 2019/4469