Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center (Sylvester), UM

Two postdoctoral positions and a bioinformatician position

Dr. Lluis Morey

Miami, FL, United States

Two postdoctoral fellow positions and a bioinformatician position are available in Dr. Morey’s lab at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. The Morey lab focuses on the epigenetic mechanisms that control cancer initiation and progression, and stem cell differentiation. 

Previous work in our lab have shown that the architecture of Polycomb-group (PcG) complexes is instrumental in regulating stem cell fate decisions (Morey et al. Cell Stem Cell, 2012; Morey et al. Cell Reports, 2013; Morey et al. Cell Stem Cell, 2015).  Recently, we have discovered that PcG complexes are recruited to active enhancers in multiple cancers, highlighting an under-explored function of PcG complexes in regulating oncogenic transcriptional programs in cancer (Chan et al. Nature Comm, 2018; Chan and Morey, Trends in Biochemical Sciences, in press). 

Two Postdoctoral fellow positions

Our research program aims to characterize the PcG-mediated mechanisms in multiple cancer types, including breast cancer (position 1), and in human pluripotent stem cell differentiation (position 2). The projects will employ genetic, biochemical and genomic approaches including 3D chromatin architecture assays (HiC and HiChIP) and CRISPR/Cas9 screens, as well as standard genome-wide assays (ChIP- RNA- ATAC-seq).  Experiments will be performed using both cell culture (cancer cells and human embryonic stem cells) and in vivomodels (xenografts and PDX models).  

Successful candidates will have earned a Ph.D. in genetics, molecular biology, cellular biology, or related fields and demonstrated the ability to complete research projects independently.  Expertise in epigenetics in any model system will greatly strengthen the application. Experience with computational analysis of genomic data is a plus but is not required.

Bioinformatician position:

We are seeking for a bioinformatician to work at the interface of chromatin structure, transcriptional regulation and computational biology in cancer and developmental biology.  The successful candidate will support the students and postdocs in the wet lab and will drive their own project to develop new methods to analyze genome-wide sequencing data. The candidate demonstrated the ability to complete research projects independently and to work in a collaborative environment. Experience in the wet lab will greatly strengthen the application. 

Interested candidates are invited to contact Dr. Lluis Morey ( with CV and names of two references.

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Two postdoctoral positions and a bioinformatician position