National Engineering Research Center for Beijing Biochip Technology

The Institute of Health Technology looks for Vice President

National Engineering Research Center for Beijing Biochip Technology

Beijing, China

I. Introduction to CapitalBio Corporation:

CapitalBio Corporation (CapitalBio) was established on September 30, 2000 jointly by Huazhong University of Science and Technology, the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and the Academy of Military Medical Sciences by relying on Tsinghua University, with the strong support from the State Council, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health and the municipal government of Beijing. It is a state-owned innovative high-tech enterprise in the healthcare industry, as well as the first national biochip engineering research center that operates in a way as an enterprise in China. CapitalBio focuses on biochips as the core technology platform, and features a complete industrial chain covering the research and development, production and selling of clinical diagnostic products as well as third-party independent medical laboratory services. In response to China’s healthcare guidelines that prioritize prevention and balance TCM and Western medicine, CapitalBio combines modern medicine and TCM closely. By engineering and upgrading TCM in a scientific way, it builds the big health sector that integrates health products, health management and medical rehabilitation.

CapitalBio targets technological innovation and health, and has always taken teamwork, innovation, integrity, transparency and persistence as the core values. It divides the researchers into the institutes of health science, health technology, bioinformatics and translational engineering research based on their respective areas of expertise, so as to give full play to personal potential. This provides a solid support for CapitalBio to become an international leading company of innovation in the fields of preventive and personalized medicine, and empower the employees for career development.

II. Main research fields of the Institute of Health Technology:

Mainly committed to big health engineering technology, the Institute has gathered high-caliber talents in TCM, engineering, biology and other disciplines. With years of experience in R&D and management of biological and medical precision instruments, it spares no effort to enter into the fields of human performance enhancement, health detection, home-based care for the aged, TCM equipment, health management and so on, in order to materialize preventive treatment of disease and health for all.

III. Job responsibilities and requirements:

( i ) Job responsibilities:

1. Report to the Technical Director of the company and the President of the Institute;

2. Lead or take part in research management within the Institute;

3. Responsible for professional R&D management;

4. Responsible for professional academic communication related to projects within the Institute;

5. Assist the President with the overall administration and coordination within the Institute.

( ii) Requirements:

1. The applicants need to be senior experts in the fields of intelligent diagnosis-related equipment and technology, under 45 years of age, with a doctorate or senior titles, with research experience in leading projects funded by overseas funds or state-level funds, familiar with the cutting-edge technology and industrial trends in the fields, with strong presentation skills;

2. The applicants who master intelligent diagnosis with TCM characteristics (facial diagnosis, tongue diagnosis, pulse diagnosis and inquiry etc.), who have software and control related backgrounds, who are well-known in academia or industry will be preferred;

3. The applicants need to be familiar with the hardware and software technology related to intelligent diagnostic equipment. Those with innovative ideas and design capabilities for the development of intelligent data collection products for clinical or household use will be preferred;

4. The applicants need to have published more than two research papers in top international journals as first author or corresponding author, or have licensed more than five patents for technological inventions over the past five years. Those who have won national talent programs and awards will be preferred;

5. The applicants need to be highly responsible and professional.

IV. Contact information:

Hiring Manager: Ms. Wang

Tel/WeChat: 18601119256


Welcome to join CapitalBio Corporation if you aspire after greatness and recognize our ideas of development.

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The Institute of Health Technology looks for Vice President