Department of Biological Sciences, University of Cyprus

Tenure–track Lecturer or Assistant Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, in the field of «Molecular Biology»

Department of Biological Sciences, University of Cyprus

Nicosia, Cyprus

The University of Cyprus invites applications for one (1) tenure–track academic position at the rank of Lecturer or Assistant Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, in the field of «Molecular Biology».

Positions require an earned Ph.D. in an area of molecular life sciences research, with emphasis on molecular cell biology; publications in high caliber peer-reviewed journals and evidence of involvement in extramural funding applications; a commitment to excellence in teaching; and effective oral and written communication skills. Post-doctoral research experience in a related area is preferred.

For all academic ranks, an earned Doctorate from a recognized University is required.

Requirements for appointment depend on academic rank and include: prior academic experience, research record and scientific contributions, involvement in teaching and in the development of high quality undergraduate and graduate curricula. The minimum requirements for each academic rank can be found at the webpage:

The official languages of the University are Greek and Turkish. For the above position knowledge of English is necessary.

Citizenship of the Republic of Cyprus is not a requirement.

In case the selected candidate does not have sufficient knowledge of the Greek language, it is the candidate?s and the Department?s responsibility to ensure that the candidate acquires sufficient knowledge of the Greek language within 3 years of appointment. Each Department sets its own criteria for the required level of adequacy of knowledge of the Greek language.

The annual gross salary (including the 13th salary) for full time employment, according to the current legislation, is:

Assistant Professor (Scale ?13-?14) €58,296.21-€78,619.65

Lecturer (Scale ?12-?13) €44,309.63-€72,101.30

Applicants are invited to submit their application and upload the following documents in PDF form, by Monday the 24th of June 2019, at the following link:

1. Cover Letter

2. Curriculum Vitae

3. Copy of ID/Passport

4. Copies of Degree certificates

5. Summary of previous research work and a statement of plans for future research (up to 3 pages)

6. List of publications

7. Representative publications (up to 3 publications which should be individually uploaded). The submission of representative publications is non-mandatory for the rank of Lecturer

8. The names and e-mails of three academic referees, who, upon submission of the application, will be automatically notified to provide recommendation letters (in the English language) up to seven days past the submission application deadline

Please apply via recruiter’s website.