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Tenured and Tenure-Track&RFIS-II at Jilin University

Jilin University (JLU)

Jilin, China

Jilin University is committed to providing an open and culturally vibrant environment for talent engaged in research and innovation. We strive to play an important part in national and regional economic and social development through advanced education, research and application, social services, international cooperation, and cultural development. We also strive to become a university where students are developed in an all-round way and faculty and staff are proud to work, and a university recognized by society and the world.

College of Chemistry

1. Inorganic Solid Chemistry: crystal structure analysis, functional crystal growth, defect chemistry, surface chemistry, and condensed matter physics. Talents with theoretical background are preferred.

2. Inorganic Material Synthetic Chemistry: nanoclusters, inorganic catalytic materials, battery materials, high-performance carbon nanomaterials, and machine learning for inorganic chemistry.

3. Organic Chemistry: asymmetric synthesis, synthetic methodology, organometallic chemistry, physical and theoretical organic chemistry, natural products isolation and synthesis, and bioorganic and medicinal chemistry.

4. Theoretical and Computational Chemistry: theory and software development for applied chemistry.

5. Chemical Biology: orthogonal reactions and phase regulation in living cells, computational chemistry and bioinformatics, and biotherapeutic technology and targeted delivery.

6. Analytical Chemistry: pathogen gene detection, PCR technology, and isothermal nucleic acid amplification technology.

7. Polymer Chemistry: synthetic methodology, polymer modification, biomass polymers, and degradable polymers.

8. Polymer Physics and Polymer Physical Chemistry: polymer theory and simulation, polymer structure characterization, polymer solution/gel/surface interface research. Talents good at small-angle X-ray scattering technology for polymer material analysis and research are particularly needed.

9. High-performance Engineering Plastics: polyketone, polyarylketone, polyimide, eco-friendly polymer materials, dielectric polymer materials, ferroelectric/piezoelectric/conductive polymers, electrocaloric materials, and nanofiltration/ultrafiltration/ionic conduction polymer membrane materials.

10. Physical Chemistry: Heterogeneous catalysis.

11. Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry: optoelectronic material technology and application, fine chemical engineering of semiconductor materials, and application of biomass resources.

College of Physics

Including but not limited to:

1. Condensed matter physics; High-pressure physics and technology; Superhard Materials; Computational physics; Magnetism and magnetic materials.

2. Quantum optics; Laser spectroscopy; nonlinear optics.

3. High energy physics; Particle physics and quantum field theory; astrophysics and cosmology.

4. Nuclear structure, spectroscopy and technology; Neutron physics and technology.

5. Complex mediums and complex sound fields; Noise and vibration.

6. Rechargeable batteries: materials and systems; All-solid-state batteries; Advanced characterization technology; Fuel cell and electrocatalysis; Solar batteries.

College of Materials Science and Engineering

1. Material Physics and Chemistry: (energy storage and conversion, theoretical simulation, electrochemistry, polymer materials).

2. Metal Materials Engineering.

3. Inorganic Nonmetallic Materials: (key research directions: traditional inorganic nonmetal materials such as cement, glass, ceramics, minerals, solid waste, functional materials and interdisciplinary frontiers, etc.); materials science (mainly in inorganic non-metal materials, together with other materials, computational and device design, etc.); physics, chemistry, etc. (mainly in inorganic nonmetallic materials).

4. Polymer Materials and Engineering.

5. Materials Processing Engineering :casting, forging, welding, metal materials.

College of Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science and Technology

Including but not limited to: machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, knowledge discovery, robotics.

College of Electronic Science and Engineering

1. Electronic Science And Technology: Optoelectronics; Silicon Photonics; Chemical Sensors; Physical Sensor, Photodetector, etc.

2. Microelectronic Science and Solid State Electronics: Integrated Circuits; Wide band Gap Semiconductors; Power Device. etc.

3. Physical Electronics: Micro- and Nano- Optoelectronics; Energy Optoelectronics; Information Nanomaterials, etc.

4. Circuits and System: Signal Processing; Information Fusion; Image Processing, etc.

5. Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology: Microwave Devices and Circuits; Microwave Photonics; Terahertz Technology, etc.

6. Biomedical Engineering: Biomaterials; Bioelectronics; Biophotonics; Medical Information Detection, etc.

Following positions are opening:

1. Tenured and Tenure-track positions

Tenured professors, tenured associate professors, prospective professors, prospective associate professors, assistant professors.

2. the Research Fund for International Excellent Young Scientists (RFIS-II)

NSFC created RFIS-II in 2021 in order to improve its funding and function to introduce and cultivate talent and attract outstanding young scientists from overseas to work in China.

RFIS-II encourages outstanding young scientists (including non-Chinese) who have achieved good results in natural science, engineering technology to conduct innovative research in China in the field of their own choice. The purpose is to promote the rapid growth of young scientists into principal researchers in frontier areas of the world, boosting China’s strength in science and technology.

Supporting policies for Tenured and Tenure-track positions & RFIS-II

1. A head start in professional and technical titles;

2. Ensured enrollment quota for doctoral students;

3. Competitive salary and living allowance;

4. Competitive resettlement subsidies in the region, with relocation housing in move-in condition;

5. Sufficient research funding;

6. High-quality preschool, elementary and secondary education resources;

7. Green channel for physical examination and medical treatment in AAA affiliated hospitals.

How To apply

using this format, please submit

1. Cover letter (Firstname_Lastname_Cover_Letter.pdf)

2. Research plan (Firstname_Lastname_Research_Plan.pdf)

3. CV (Firstname_Lastname_CV.pdf)

To recruit@jlu.edu.cn

3. Jilin University “Dingxin Scholar” Program

Jilin University (hereinafter referred to as “JLU”) “Dingxin Scholar” Program is launched to recruit outstanding young scholars from home and abroad so as to nurture their huge development potential, strong self-motivation and vigorous innovation by supporting their academic exploration in innovative research. JLU sincerely welcomes outstanding young talents with a vision of innovation and dedication in scientific research.

Remuneration and Benefits

The salary shall be no less than 300,000 RMB/year (pre-tax), paid on a monthly basis for two years. Dingxin Scholars will be provided with well-decorated housing, as well as subsidies for heating during winter. They enjoy the privilege of the medical plan and preferential policy for their dependent children to attend kindergarten, primary and secondary schools attached to JLU. They can also apply for funds and allowances for attending top-level international conferences.


1. Applicants should be under 35 years old.

2. Generally, applicants shall have obtained a doctoral degree within the last three years. Fresh PhD graduates of 2021 are given priority in consideration.

3. Applicants shall undertake to work full time as postdoctoral fellows at JLU after commencing the program.

4. Candidates will be assessed based on their academic achievements, research capabilities, development potential, their research proposals’ innovativeness and potential contribution to the development of the discipline.

How To apply

CV (Firstname_Lastname_CV.pdf) To postdoc@jlu.edu.cn

Apply with CV and Cover Letter

Must be a .doc, .docx, or .pdf file and no larger than 1MBMust be a .doc, .docx, or .pdf file and no larger than 1MB

Tenured and Tenure-Track&RFIS-II at Jilin University