Evotec, France

Team Leader In Vitro Biology / Responsable de laboratoire en biologie in vitro


Toulouse, France

General Summary :

  • Manage a team of technicians and engineers, and ensure the development of the team and its members.
  • Lead the activities of the team (organisation, follow-up, support and scientific advice to team members).
  • Manage multiple projects internally or for clients mainly in the DNA repair field.
  • Design, schedule, budget and follow up drug discovery projects in oncology and propose innovative approaches.
  • Contribute ideas for new drug discovery projects or assess proposals for scientific eligibility and technical feasibility. Translate ideas into research plans.
  • Execute your drug discovery project(s) and provide in vitro pharmacology support to others.
  • Lead a team that supports the development of internal programs to advance assets from target validation to pre-clinical candidate stages.
  • Establish state-of-the-art biochemical and cellular assays to validate therapeutic targets and assess efficacy of small molecule chemical compounds, or perform detailed mechanism of action studies.
  • Collaborate in multidisciplinary research teams and at the interface of several departments and sites.
  • Ensure compliance of the contractual obligations related to key deliverables/milestones, internal and external resources, budget and timelines, while ensuring high scientific quality.
  • Manage the internal and external communication including reporting, manage the relationships with clients in close alinement with Business Development, and Alliance Management when appropriate.
  • Contribute to or lead continuous improvement projects, which can benefit from the lean methodology.
  • Manage all activities with respect to the applicable Quality and Health & Safety procedures.

Knowledge, skills and abilities :

  • Deep understanding of the DNA damage response field is a must.
  • Expertise in drug discovery is highly desired.
  • Ability to manage a team and projects.
  • Ability to work in transverse and multidisciplinary teams.
  • Customer oriented and sensitive to deadlines observation.
  • Ability to assess project proposals regarding scientific plausibility and technical feasibility.
  • Ability to translate ideas into research plans.
  • Expertise in a broad range of techniques in biochemistry, molecular and cell biology applied to target validation, screening and pharmacology.
  • Experience in a broad range of cell-based assays and particularly systematic assay development skills are expected.
  • Expertise in developing biochemical in vitro enzymatic assays would be appreciated.

Experience and education :

  • PhD degree in Biology or equivalent with focus in oncology
  • 3-5 years experience in the pharmaceutical or biotech industry, or in applied research in academia

Other information : Good command of French and English is mandatory

Please apply via recruiter’s website.