Public Health England (PHE)

Specialist Healthcare Scientist

Public Health England (PHE)

Chilton, Didcot, United Kingdom

Specialist Healthcare Scientist

Job Type: 3.5 year Fixed Term Contract

Location: Chilton, Didcot

Salary details: £37,526 – £44,019 pro rata

Hours: 37.5 per week

Reference: 919-RR-32908223-EXT

Closing Date: 4th of February 2020

The Cellular Biology group in Public Health England is actively involved in research into human ageing. The group is particularly interested in the area of epigenetic ageing, which was initiated in 2013 by the development of highly-accurate epigenetic clocks, which measure age and the rate of ageing, which is predictive of pathologies, health conditions and lifespan. Together with data scientist at the forefront of epigenetic clock development, we have designed and developed dual purpose in vitro human ageing assays. We have used these assays to characterise the epigenetic clock and ascertain the effects of compounds, treatments and modalities on the ticking and ticking rate of the epigenetic clock. With the information gained, the successful candidate will capitalise and build on this work to elucidate the cellular and molecular mechanisms that underpin epigenetic ageing.

This is an exciting, rewarding and challenging field. We are looking for a highly-motivated and independent post-doctoral biomedical research scientist who is interested in ageing research. The candidate must demonstrate exceptional personal initiative, willingness to explore beyond their expertise and capable of originality of thought. Scientific rigour, eye for detail and skill in designing and executing well-controlled and penetrating experiments are necessary. The candidate is expected to be highly skilled in cell culture techniques, diverse molecular biology manipulations and various protein analyses. The post-holder will be part of a small group of scientists with over-lapping interest and research domains. In addition to working independently on personal projects, collaborative projects within the group and external research institutes will also form an important and very significant part of the job. The candidate is expected to acquire a comprehensive knowledge of epigenetic ageing and keep abreast with the latest developments. The post-holder is expected to also keep up with current developments in biological sciences in general and to contribute to group discussions and decision-making processes in relation to research strategies, aims and direction.

The post requires a PhD level scientist, with considerable laboratory experience in the areas described above.

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