Senior Scientist Position for Systems Neuroscientist in Industry

Neurophotometrics Ltd.

San Diego, CA, United States

Neurophotometrics Ltd. is a scientist-run company providing state-of-the-art optical equipment for both academic and industrial research applications. Our flagship multi-fiber photometry system sets the standard for fiber photometry recordings with the sensitivity to pick up the activity of a single cell and the bandwidth to record from multiple freely moving animals and/or brain regions simultaneously. Through our work with over 100 labs around the world, we have designed the second generation of our multi-fiber photometry system to include many upgrades that integrate feedback from dedicated researchers who perform fiber photometry while maintaining the quality standard set by the original system. We are looking for a systems neuroscientist to join our team as a full-time senior scientist before this exciting new release.

In addition to our existing products, we are constantly working to develop new technological advancements and make them available to a broad audience. As most scientific research (the bench work) is conducted by junior researchers (i.e. graduate students and postdoctoral fellows), it’s often their innovations in lab that fill the gaps in existing scientific hardware. We have a unique perspective on product development focused on collaborating with junior researchers to spearhead the development of the tools they’ve created and make them available to the broader scientific community. And we pride ourselves on promoting open source tools and make our systems compatible with open source technology including Bonsai, Open Ephys, and the UCLA Miniscope. 

As a scientist-run company, we work to eliminate the “who actually tried using this in a lab” issues that are all too common with scientific hardware. By having a team of scientists who have built and used our products themselves, we provide our customers with a new type of in-depth technical and scientific support. Providing this support would be your main role, so a typical day would consist of providing consultations on experimental design for customers, assisting with their data analysis, and managing a team of junior scientists. At Neurophotometrics, we aim to be a collegial resource for other scientists. Additional responsibilities would include grant writing and keeping up to date with new advances in the field. Flexibility in your role is key as the company is expanding. This position also includes opportunities to travel domestically and internationally to install systems in labs around the world (we are currently in 14 countries) and promote our product at conferences such as SfN.

Our ideal candidate has the following qualifications:

-Training in systems neuroscience

-Experience with fiber photometry or optogenetics

-Mastery of Matlab and/or Python

-Strong background in scientific writing and public speaking

-Teaching and/or supervisory experience

-Enjoys collaborating with other scientists to create innovative experiments and improve experimental design

-Excited about engineering and developing new hardware from the ground up

If this sounds like you, or you would like more information, please check out our website and send us your CV. We are located minutes from the beach in sunny San Diego where there’s 300+ days of sunshine a year. And we offer full benefits as well as in house perks to promote a healthy work/life balance including a gym, full kitchen, and a social team environment.


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Senior Scientist Position for Systems Neuroscientist in Industry