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Senior Investigators Positions in the Center for Microbes, Development and Health(CMDH)

Institut Pasteur of Shanghai, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IPS-CAS)

Shanghai, China

The Center for Microbes, Development and Health (CMDH)

A newly-created, multidisciplinary Center of Excellence directed by Prof. Philippe Sansonetti at Institut Pasteur Shanghai, with support by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Shanghai Municipality, calls for applications by outstanding investigators.

New-generation sequencing, bioinformatics and multi-omics have promoted the human microbiota to a position of driver of health and disease in case of dysbiosis. Major challenges remain in defining the frontiers of the symbiosis, its impact on development, physiology, health and disease, particularly the emerging post-modern, non-communicable, epidemics in industrialized regions and microbiota-related pathologies in low-income regions, such as susceptibility to infections and stunting.
Cutting-edge multi-omics, culturomics, microfluidics and imaging platforms are available or will be further developed to support investigators advanced technological needs.
CMDH aims to establish causality links by combining basic and experimental research with clinical studies to open the way to prophylactic and therapeutic interventions.

Call for senior investigators

1 – A senior investigator with expertise in bacterial (16S) and eukaryotic (18S) metataxonomics and shot-gun metagenomics who will associate with an already-existing platform dedicated to pathogen discovery and viral genomic. Interest is expected in generating cutting edge bioinformatic tools relevant to microbiota maturation and its alterations. Strong background in bioinformatics, systems biology and artificial intelligence is expected. The PI will supervise a group of several junior bioinformaticians to carry out bioinformatic analyses in close collaboration with CMDH groups.

2 – A senior investigator with internationally-recognized expertise in metabolomics developing a unique platform of “immunometabolomics” dedicated to advanced analysis of molecules related to the intestinal tract and other tissues, such as bacterial structural molecules and metabolites, bile acids, immune- and neuro-mediators, nutrients. Establishing high-resolution and quantitative mass-spectrometry-based analyzes is expected.

3 – A senior investigator studying the role of the small and large intestinal microbiota in digestion and nutrient absorption in health and disease in relation with the occurrence of metabolic diseases (obesity, diabetes, dyslipidemia). Approaches combining in vitro / in vivo models and clinical studies are encouraged. Strong expertise in nutrition and metabolism is expected as well as commitment to develop collaborations with high-level research and medical centers.

4 – A senior investigator studying the role of mother and child gut microbiota in central and peripheral nervous system development. Strong fundamental expertise in neurodevelopment is required, as well as strong commitment to develop collaborations with high-level research and medical centers.

5 – Senior investigators with basic expertise in epigenetics, stem cell and developmental biology interested in developing their basic research in the context of CMDH that aims at deciphering fundamental mechanisms of health and disease programming by microbe-host interactions.

6 – A senior investigator with expertise in clinical studies. The candidate is expected to develop microbiota-based interventions in relation with bench experiments, to establish causality links and propose solutions for disease states affecting high-income and low-income populations. Application of MD/PhD with expertise in methodology of clinical studies and biostatistics, and experience in coordinating multidisciplinary activities, from bench to bedside, is expected. Proficiency in Chinese and English languages is essential for this position.

Women are strongly encouraged to apply. Very competitive packages are proposed in relation to the seniority of candidates.

Deadline for Application: June 30, 2020

For information on CMDH, on recruitment packages, and on the application documents required, including the application form to download, please consult our website:

Application form* and recommendation letters should be sent to Prof. Philippe Sansonetti (, Emilie Carlot (, Center manager, and Jun Xiong (, Talent Program Officer.

*To download the application form, please visit the following link:

Please apply via recruiter’s website.