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Senior Experimental Scientist position

The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (UT Southwestern Medical Center)

Dallas, TX, United States

Senior Experimental Scientist position in the Kim Lab at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas


The Kim Lab ( is a highly interactive team consisting of computer scientists, AI scientists, statisticians, and molecular biologists. The lab is conducting cutting-edge research in computational biology and synthetic biology. So far we have been developing computational and statistical methods for analyzing sequencing data from a variety of next generation sequencing experiments to better understand the causes of human diseases. Bioinformatics software developed by the lab includes widely used programs such as TopHat2, HISAT, HISAT2, HISAT-genotype, TopHat-Fusion, and Centrifuge. The papers on TopHat2 and HISAT have been cited over 7,500 and 3,100 times, respectively.

Recently, we have launched a very challenging, ambitious, long-term project to develop an in vivo synthetic biology platform, tentatively called ‘Life Design Platform’, that if successfully implemented, will enable us to create novel biochemical pathways, reprogram cells, and/or design new organisms. The output of the platform will be a synthetically constructed whole genome DNA sequences, which can be transformed into a stand-alone living organism such as E. coli. Our work will in part involve designing a visual programming language for writing code to represent biochemical pathways and developing a compiler program that translates a set of biochemical pathways written in the visual language to a whole genome DNA sequence in an electronic file (FASTA). 

In the pursuit of this research, we would like to add a Senior Experimental Scientist to our LDP project team. The Senior Experimental Scientist will lead the wet-lab portion of the LDP project, while contributing to the dry-lab portion. Specifically, the Senior Experimental Scientist will: 1) build and clone synthetic DNA constructs, 2) transfect the constructs into cells such as E. coli, 3) culture and observe the cells, 4) develop novel cloning and transformation methods, and 5) assist in tuning the “code” to better design organisms. The successful hire will be a talented scientist with broad expertise in various cell culture, DNA transfections, and relevant molecular and cell biology techniques.

Ideal candidates will have:

  • A Ph.D. degree in cell biology, genetics or a related field with some familiarity with computer programming and statistics.
  • Experience in applying genetics and molecular biology experimental and reprogramming techniques to E. coli, yeast, and mammalian cells.
  • Experience with current DNA cloning technologies
  • Experience with biochemical assays to assess the protein and metabolite output of the synthetic constructs
  • Experience in optimizing media requirements to maximize growth and productivity

·      5+ years post-doctoral or industrial experience in a relevant technical role.

·      At least two first author papers published, and demonstrated excellent written communication skills in English

Please apply by email to Dr. Kim [] and include your CV, statement of research accomplishments, and arrange to have two or three letters of recommendation sent to the same email address.

The Kim Lab is located in the Bioinformatics Department on UT Southwestern’s South Campus. We will also work closely with other research groups in the Department of Cell Biology, Immunology, and Pathology. Kim Lab members have access to several wet laboratories at UT Southwestern. The successful candidate can possibly work 50% of their time in primarily in one of these wet labs and the other 50% in a dry lab, i.e. the Kim Lab. Kim Lab members also have access to considerable computational resources, including the >28,000-core cluster with >12 Petabyte of storage available through UT Southwestern’s high-performance infrastructure (BioHPC – The candidate will have the opportunity to work on a broad range of computational and experimental aspects of computational biology on a highly interdisciplinary team, and participate in all aspects of method development, software implementation, data analysis, and experimental validation in collaboration with other biologists.

UT Southwestern Medical Center is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer. Women, minorities, veterans and individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

Daehwan Kim, Ph.D.

Michael L. Rosenberg Assistant Professor in the Lyda Hill Department of Bioinformatics

UT Southwestern Medical Center

5323 Harry Hines Blvd.

Dallas, TX 75390-8579

Apply with CV and Cover Letter

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Senior Experimental Scientist position