Scientist I, Molecular Biology & Model Organisms


San Francisco, CA, United States

Scientist I, Molecular Biology & Model Organisms
Send your CV and a short introduction to: celine@celevity.co

Celevity is a seed stage company developing drugs to help our furry friends live longer, healthier lives. Celevity was spun out of The Longevity Fund and is well funded by top VCs & angels.

Celevity is hiring a Scientist I. This is a primarily wet lab position. You will initially report directly to the CEO.

Who You Are
• Ph.D. in Chemistry, Biology, Bioengineering or similar field, or BS/MS with at least three years of full-time research experience.
• Familiarity with in vitro molecular biology techniques including cell imaging, cell culture techniques, toxicity assays, RNA extraction and purification, westerns, ELISA, qPCR, and PK/PD assays.
• Experience with in vivo assays and techniques, including animal handling, dose administration, blood collection, and tissue assays. Familiarity with disease models, lifespan studies are a bonus.
• Excellent written and oral communication of complex scientific topics, and ability to work independently and quickly from agreed upon protocols.
• Growth mindset, value transparency, seek out feedback and iteration cycles.
• Highly motivated, excited to work on a small team at an incipient biotech company and wear many hats as the company scales.
• Highest standard for scientific quality and rigor.
• Preferred candidate will have specific experience and expertise in translational drug development, ADME/DMPK studies, the biology of aging/longevity, gene therapy-based approaches, and/or canine biology.
• Preferred candidate will be familiar with aging biology and generally accepted scientific theories around aging (even if no direct research experience).

What You’ll Do
• Design and execute studies to explore the in vitro and in vivo PK/PD parameters of candidate drugs.
• Conduct established blood-based biomarker assays.
• Conduct exploratory biology around dog cell lines.
• Support and generate new intellectual property.
• Opportunity to publish new data.
• Support and validate CRO studies.
• Design protocols in conjunction with the Scientific Director.
• Present data to the leadership team.

• Based full time in San Francisco or South Bay
• $80k-$120k per year depending on your experience & preferred ratio of salary to shares, with top tier health/dental/vision and a learning budget for books and self-improvement
• Opportunities to engage in biotech operations and company building if of interest

Who We Are
We are an ultra-early stage company and as such our culture is still in flux and will be largely defined by our first employees. That said, there are a few things that are quite important to us:

Health | Good health is critical to every other human (and animal!) experience. We believe health is a fundamental right and are dedicating our lives to maximizing health and developing better medicines for the worst diseases.

Truth Seeking & Feedback Loops | Uniquely in biology, there is a predetermined truth of whether a specific drug will work or not — we just have to catch up with biology! We seek out this truth and do not shy away from inconvenient truths. This holds for personal development too: we are always searching for feedback loops and embody a perpetual growth mindset.

Transparency | We believe full transparency in thoughts, opinions, intentions, and actions (both good ones and mistakes) is a better way to build a business and work together.

Morality & Empathy | We are developing medicines that may one day be given to a living animal, medicines that if designed badly could hurt that animal instead of help. This is a huge responsibility and should be respected as such. Our work needs to adhere to the strictest moral code and always integrate empathy for the patient.
Kindness* | Great business(wo)men do not need to be ruthless — you can execute excellently with kindness.

Dog gifs | We love them.

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Scientist I, Molecular Biology & Model Organisms