Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)

Researcher in Life Cycle Assessment (M/F)

Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)

Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg

Context of intervention

The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) is offering a full-time researcher position in life cycle assessment. With a team of more than 170 scientists and engineers from life science, environmental science, and IT science, LIST’s Environmental Research and Innovation (ERIN) department has the necessary interdisciplinary knowledge and skills to tackle major environmental challenges our society is facing today: climate change mitigation, ecosystem resilience, sustainable energy systems, efficient use of renewable resources, and environmental pollution prevention and control.

The selected candidate will integrate the Sustainability Assessment and Circularity (SUSTAIN) research unit. The SUSTAIN Unit of the ERIN department is developing knowledge, transferable (software) technologies and practical methods for the integrative evaluation and management of the sustainability and toxicological risks of human driven systems. Its final purpose is to foster sustainable, technology driven eco-innovation in industry and to support sustainability-oriented policy-making. Within the SUSTAIN Unit, the applicant will be incorporated in the Life Cycle Sustainability Analysis (LCSA) research group. The activities conducted within the LCSA group mainly consist in the development and application of methods, metrics and tools to assess the sustainability performance of products, technologies and policies for both industrial organisations and policy makers.


The candidate will work as Life Cycle Assessment analyst and researcher in several EU funded and national projects, namely:
1)     EVALGRA (Development of a new generation of environmentally friendly, microalgae oil based functional fluids modified with graphene family nanomaterials): compare the environmental performances of new functional fluids based on microalgae oil with traditional ones, based on standardized LCA.
2)     SPOTVIEW (Sustainable Processes and Optimized Technologies for Industrially Efficient Water Usage): compare different industrial waste water treatment technologies and management scenarios at the level of implementation site and at prospective EU level after market implementation.
3)     BEST (BioEnergy’s role in a Sustainable fuTure: an assessment of environment, technology, supply chains and uncertainty): perform comparative environmental assessments of a diverse set of global bioenergy deployment scenarios; add uncertainty analysis support in the LCA model of bioenergy production.
The candidate shall demonstrate very good knowledge of the LCA methodology and databases as well as programming skills, in particular of the Python programming language and use of open source LCA tools (Brighway2).
Moreover, as a LIST researcher, the applicant will also be involved in the following tasks:
RDI work:
  • Provide state of the art work related to a given research thematic or technology/perform systematic literature review
  • Provide input to the definition of research concepts
  • Design and implement innovative software prototypes
  • Manage the daily research work allowing the smooth progress of the RDI projects
  • Contribute to generating knowledge
  • Collaborate with other researchers in order to promote interdisciplinary activities internally

Dissemination, valorisation and transfer:
  • Assist in the preparation of internal project reports and presentations
  • Contribute to dissemination, valorisation and transfer of RDI results (patents, licences, prototypes, publications, technical reports)
  • Make presentations at workshops and conferences
  • Develop scientific and industrial networks


  • Master degree in engineering or natural science and PhD in life cycle assessment or related disciplines

  • Programming skills in at least one of the following languages: Java, Python, GAMS
  • Mastery of LCA software, in particular Brightway2  
  • Proven organizational skills and interdisciplinary thinking, a problem-solving mind-set, and a strong team-working capability, but is also able to work independently and creatively

  • Flawless knowledge of English (both spoken and written) is required
  • Knowledge of German and/or French and/or Luxembourgish is considered as an asset

Candidates interested in the above position can apply online on our website
The application file should include:
  • A CV
  • A motivation letter

Please apply via recruiter’s website.

Quote Reference: ERIN-2019-037