Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI)

Research Technician Part-Time

Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI)

Princeton, NJ, United States

Job Description

Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) is a science philanthropy whose mission is to advance biomedical research and science education for the benefit of humanity.  We empower exceptional scientists and students to pursue fundamental questions about living systems, and work to share scientific discoveries with researchers, students, and science-curious individuals around the world.


Founded in 1953 by aviator and industrialist Howard R. Hughes, HHMI is headquartered in Chevy Chase, Maryland, and employs more than 2500 people across the U.S.  Visit to learn more about working at HHMI.


We are searching for a Research Technician I to work part-time, 5 hours per day in one of our labs at Princeton University.  This tech will perform essential non-technical laboratory tasks and provide molecular biology support for researchers in a lab doing innovative research at the interface of biology, engineering and physics.



Principal Responsibilities: 

  • Managing day-to-day laboratory operations by monitoring, ordering, and re-stocking general lab and tissue culture supplies.
  • Performing essential lab tasks, for example: preparing stock solutions and aliquots for general lab use, ordering bacterial plates and preparing broth, replenishing autoclaved tips and tubes, and keeping the overall lab areas neat and clean.
  • Supporting researchers by cloning, doing mini-preps and maxi-preps, as needed.



Preferred Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Science degree in an appropriate field of science or technology.
  • Generally experienced in job duties and in the principles and practices associated with those duties with an understanding of the underlying scientific principles.
  • Enjoy organizing and have a strong attention to details.
  • Able to work independently.
  • Good computer skills and experience with Excel.
  • Able to lift and carry up to 20 pounds.
  • Able to communicate clearly and follow instructions.


All candidates must be able to provide authorization to work in the US.


HHMI is an equal opportunity employer.

Required Skills

Required Experience

Please apply via recruiter’s website.

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