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Research Scientist

John Sunwoo MD

Stanford, CA, United States

The laboratory of Dr. John Sunwoo collaborates closely with Dr. Josh Elias of the Chan- Zuckerberg Biohub to characterize peptide-MHC neoantigens displayed on tumor cells, specifically in head and neck squamouscell carcinoma and other HPV and EBV associated malignancies. Using cancer cell lines and primary tumors from patients, we are immunoprecipitating MHC molecules, eluting the peptides, and sequencing by massspectrometry. The main objectives of this project are (i) to compare viral-dependent antigens to other cancer-specific antigens; (ii) to test the extent to which neoantigen presentation can be induced and/or altered by conventional chemotherapy and radiation therapy and by immunotherapy; and (iii) to characterize theevolution of neoantigen-specific effector T cells and their T cell receptor repertoires in patients undergoingcheckpoint blockade (PD1) therapy.

We are looking for a PhD and/or MD research scientist, who has a background and experience in laboratoryresearch of the adaptive immune system, peptide presentation on MHC, and proteomics, to function as a primaryresearcher for these studies and as a project manager to assist the PIs to oversee the project and help mentor a team of graduate students and technicians. The candidate should also have experience with multi-parameter flow cytometry and human immune cell profiling, in vivo mouse models, and functional immunologyassays. Additional useful skills include molecular biology and bioinformatics experience.


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Research Scientist