Research Fellow (f/m/d) (50%)

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

Karlsruhe, Germany

Work group:

Institute for Computer Engineering (ITEC)

Area of research:

Scientific / postdoctoral posts

Job description:

In the Department of computer science at the Institute of Computer Engineering, chair for Embedded Systems (CES), we focus our research on reliability, emerging technology and advanced technology. Throughout technology scaling, manufacturing new devices have become extraordinary challenging and the functionality of such new devices like nanosheet, nanowire and FinFET devices needs very detailed study and analysis. In addition, new reliability challenges become dominant in these nano-scaled devices such as self-heating phenomenon. In this work, we will also focus on investigating reliability degradations in these nano-scaled devices and how these degradations can be modelled and integrated inside circuits simulations

Your tasks are:

Investigating state-of-the-art CMOS devices below 10nm. The important devices are FinFET, nanosheet, nanowire, Gate-All-Around (GAA), and Tunnel FET transistors.Investigating the self-heating problem in these devices from a physics point of view.Building in 3D Technology CAD (TCAD) structures, the different studied devices and then calibrating the TCAD simulations with the availabe measurements in state of the art.Modifying the industrial compact model of transistors (BSIM-CMG) in order to match the TCAD data.Based on the calibrated compact model, timing and power simulations for digital circuits need to be performed to evaluate the impact of degradations (self-heating, aging) on the figure-of-merit of circuits.Investigating NCFET and FerroFET devices and analyzing the energy saving from them and how they can be employed for non-volatile memory circuits and applications

The following qualifications are required seeking your consideration for this position:

PhD or MSc degree (or equivalent) in electrical engineer.Very good experience in Technology CAD simulations. In particular Synopsys software.Very good skills in circuit SPICE simulations. In particular Synopsys software.Solid understanding in transistor compact modeling and transistor physics.Very good experience in emerging technologies for transistors. In particular Negative Capacitance Transistors (NCFET) and Ferroelectric Transistors (FeFET).Salary

Salary category 13, depending on the fulfillment of professional and personal requirements.

Contract duration

limited to 2 years with the possibility of extention for two more years.

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For further information, please contact F Dr. Hussam Amrouch, E-Mail:, Tel: +49(0)721/608-45733.

Please apply via recruiter’s website.

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