Research Fellow (4 Years Contract)

Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (IMCB), A*STAR, Singapore

Singapore, Singapore

One Research Fellow (Postdoctoral) position is available for a drug discovery project in my lab that is aimed at targeting the TEAD family of transcription factors – one of the core components of the Hippo signalling pathway. This position is grant-funded and adequate funding is available for 4 years, starting from April 2020.

We identified that TEADs could be exploited to modulate TEAD activity for potential use in cancer therapy or regenerative medicine. Here, we are particularly keen on identifying TEAD-activating compounds and are interested to thoroughly evaluate their utility for regenerative medicine, which aims to replace damaged tissues or organs. In addition to drug discovery, we are also interested to identify biologically significant post-translational modifications in TEADs and also aim to unravel the determinants of specificity in TEAD-dependent transcription.


The candidate should be sincere, motivated, able to work independently as well as collaboratively, and should have good communication skills. Medicinal chemistry support will be provided through collaborations.


We are only seeking a research fellow who has adequate experience in drug discovery and he/she should be adept in assay development. In addition to assay development, the project also includes high-throughput screen and hit-to-lead generation. Therefore, a candidate with experience in using biophysical methods for affinity calculation and competence in using cell or biochemical methodologies that are relevant in drug discovery is desirable. Prior crystallography experience with an ability to determine co-crystal structures of proteins with small molecules will be an added advantage. 

Please apply via recruiter’s website.