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GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel is a foundation of public law jointly financed by the Federal Republic of Germany (90 %) and the state of Schleswig-Holstein (10 %) and is one of the internationally leading institutions in the field of marine sciences. Currently GEOMAR disposes over an annual budget of approx. 80 million Euro and has approx. 1000 employees.

The research unit Marine Benthic Ecology is offering a

Research Assistant

Position, which is expecting to start on September 16th 2019.

Project Description and tasks
For a project carried out in cooperation with the State Office for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Areas of Schleswig-Holstein (LLUR), we are looking for a highly motivated and enthusiastic seaweed biologist who is expected to investigate the occurrence and causes of macroalgae blooms. In recent years, local mass occurrences of unattached seaweed have repeatedly been observed on Schleswig-Holstein’s Baltic Sea coast. In contrast to other coasts – where almost exclusively green algae of the genus Ulva develop on a large scale after eutrophication – algae blooms in Schleswig-Holstein are typically more locally observed, covering only a few 100 m² of sea bed and being formed by various red, brown and green algae species. Despite this unusual general diversity of drifting seaweed species in the region, however, the same species tend to develop repeatedly in successive years at individual sites. At the same time these species often differ in their potential for ecological and economic impact. The main objective of our project is to identify environmental factors that control the species composition of such macroalgae blooms in the region. The approach will be to combine field observations and experimental work.

Essential components of the work are:

Monitoring the temporal and spatial development of macroalgae blooms using methods of remote sensing, as well as on-site sampling.Recording of relevant chemical, physical and biological parameters at sites with recurrent macroalgae blooms.Culture experiments with drift algae communities under controlled conditions, in order to investigate the influence of selected parameters such as hydrodynamics, nutrient supply, salinity or biological interactions on species composition.Acquisition and analysis of project dataPublication of results in project reports, presentations and scientific journals.

We expect a master’s or diploma degree in marine biology, biological oceanography, botany or a related subject and good methodological knowledge in the most important areas of the future field of work (biology of macroalgae, measurement of relevant parameters of the marine environment, ideally also remote sensing based on satellite data or aerial photography). The latter can be proven by the diploma or master thesis, possibly also by publications in international scientific journals. The work requires frequent sampling in the field, a driving license valid in Germany is therefore indispensable. Good knowledge of the English language is also indispensable, knowledge of the German language would be advantageous.
The position is available for a funding period until September 15th, 2022. The salary depends
on qualification and could be up to the class E13 TVöD-Bund of the German tariff for public employees. This is a part-time position according to 50 % of a full-time equivalent. The position can not be split.

GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel seeks to increase the proportion of female scientists and explicitly encourages qualified female academics to apply. GEOMAR is an equal opportunity employer and encourages scientists with disabilities to apply. Qualified disabled applicants will receive preference in the application process.

Please send your application for this post via email in a single pdf-file mentioning the keyword "Ostseeblüten” in the subject line. Please send your application not later than August 31st, 2019 to the following email address:

As soon as the selection procedure has finished, all your application data will be removed according to data protection regulation.

For further information regarding the position and research unit please contact Dr. Florian Weinberger (

Please do not contact us by phone about the present state of procedures. However, we will answer all your questions if you send us an e-mail to In doing so, please refer to the keyword.

GEOMAR is a member of the Helmholtz Association and the German Marine Research Consortium (KDM). For further information please visit or

GEOMAR is committed to a non-discriminatory personnel selection. Our job advertisements address all people.

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