International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL)

Ref.10.19.36 - Facility Manager - Advanced Microscopy and Bioimaging

International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL)

Braga, Portugal

Ref.10.19.36 – Facility Manager – Advanced Microscopy and Bioimaging

Employer: Int. Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL)

Location: Braga, Portugal

Contract Duration: 4 years

Department: Nanophotonics

Job Type: Full Time

Closing Date: November 29th 2019, 23:00h Lisbon time

Required academic degree: PhD degree

Salary: Competitive package and benefits



INL is looking for an Advanced Microscopy and Bioimaging Facility Manager and service application scientist to join our team of imaging experts in INL optical microscopy and enable the transition from a research infrastructure to a user core microscopy facility.  The INL advanced imaging facility is one of the best-equipped microscopy facilities in Portugal, which recently became a node in the PPBI – Portuguese Platform of BioImaging, with the following fluorescence-based spectroscopy and imaging techniques: Confocal microscopy, FCS (LSM Zeiss780), wide field, TIRF, dSTORM (Nikon Ti-E), confocal Raman Microscope (WiTec), and custom developed systems operated by the INL research groups including FLIM, Multi-Photon Microscopy, AFM-Differential Spinning Disk combinations and others.

INL is looking for a dedicated person passionate about microscopy and helping internal and external life sciences and nanotechnology researchers to get the most out of today’s cutting edge microscopes as well as helping to position our facility on national and international level. 


Job Requirements and Key Responsibilities:


As an Advanced Microscopy and Bioimaging Facility Manager you will take on a key role within the following responsibilities:


  • Optimizing a new facility space that will host selected readily available microscopes for improved service and hands-on trainings to be performed at INL, advising and training researchers on numerous available fluorescence microscopy techniques;
  • Perform service measurements in frame with our open access programme;
  • Manage laboratory consumables, repair/service visits, equipment bookings of internal and external users;
  • Support researchers to troubleshoot and optimize their experimental design, assist in the development of protocols, image analysis support e.g. quantitative image analysis using available software such as Zen, NIS-Elements or ImageJ, maintaining and calibrating eventually upgrading existing microscopes;
  • Monitor the performance of the facility and periodically report on predefined key performance indicators, making sure that the high quality of the facility is maintained and performance is constantly improved;
  • Networking with other core facility managers to create visibility of the new facility and attract visiting researchers is encouraged.


Desired Skills and Experience


Applicants should meet the following requirements:


  • PhD in Optics, Physics, Cell Biology or related fields, with at least 3 years of experience in advanced optical microscopy, specifically experience in fluorescence confocal microscopy and ideally additional experience in super resolution methods including TIRF or dSTORM or Confocal Raman microscopy and related data analysis;
  • Experience in performing advanced imaging of various materials and cell samples;
  • Experience in handling nanoparticle solutions, biomolecules and other chemicals;
  • Strong data analysis and reporting skills;
  • Experience in publishing on international level is positively evaluated;
  • Experience with advanced fluorescence microscopy is required, and a multidisciplinary skill set is beneficial (cell biology, image analysis, biomedical engineering, biochemistry, life sciences, biophysics, image analysis and programming, e.g. dedicated ImageJ plugins etc.).
  • Experience with various state-of-the-art cell culture and labelling techniques such as antibody labelling, gene transfection, CRISPR and related techniques would highly be evaluated, as well as additional experience in optical spectroscopy is positively evaluated (UV-Vis, Fluorescence, FTIR or CD).
  • Applicants with international mobility experience will be highly evaluated.


Personal Skills

  • Strong creative, strategic, analytical, organizational and personal skills and clearly demonstrated communication skills (written and oral);
  • Team-work spirit; 
  • Creative Thinking;
  • “Hands-on” approach together with a high commitment in respecting working deadlines;
  • Highly organised and dynamic;
  • Interested in fundamental and applied science;
  • Strong ability to transfer knowledge and communicate with users from many scientific backgrounds.



English is the working language of INL. Therefore, excellent communication skills in English are required. Additional language skills in Portuguese and Spanish will be positively evaluated.


What we Offer

  • Employment contract and competitive compensation package.
  • Employees will also benefit of the various social facilities available at INL.
  • International and highly competitive environment in contact with leading edge technology.
  • Highly competitive multidisciplinary research environment.


How to Apply

International candidates are welcome to apply. Only applications in English will be accepted. The application is made online. Please click on the ‘Apply’ button;

Interested applicants should submit a motivation letter, a full curriculum vitae and University certificates. Incomplete applications will not be considered.


Employment Agreement

If your application is successful and you accept our offer of employment you will receive the employment agreement and all other relevant documents. If you are relocating, you will be given assistance by the HR Office.


If Your Application is Not Successful

We highly value the interest shown from applicants wishing to become a part of the INL experience. It is important for us to maintain good communications with candidates. No matter the outcome of the application, we always send the applicant an answer.


Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination Principle

INL is an equal opportunity organisation, committed to providing equal career opportunities and firmly adheres to a principle of non-discrimination in respect of gender, age, nationality, racial group, or any other possible discriminatory issues.


Enquires should be made to:


The advertisement deadline may be extended at any time without previous notice in order to improve the suitability and effectiveness of the recruitment process.


Please apply via recruiter’s website.