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Recruitment of Faculty for Institute of Molecular Physiology of Shenzhen Bay Laboratory

Shenzhen Bay Laboratory

Shenzhen, China

About the Shenzhen Bay Laboratory(SZBL)
The Shenzhen Bay Laboratory (SZBL) is a newly established institution focus on health sciences research, located in the heart of the China Great Bay Area. It was launched by the Peking University and Shenzhen city with an initial budget of $2 billion USD/5yr. SZBL aspires to be a world-class research institution and intellectual destination dedicated to understanding the fundamental biology underlying health and diseases while spurring solutions to the grand challenges confronting our world’s population and human well-being. The mission of the SZBL is to create a new research model to boost the health sciences and nurture the innovation-oriented biotechnology industry.

About the Institute of Molecular Physiology of SZBL
The Institute of Molecular Physiology focuses research in two major areas – the molecular mechanism in important biological process and the development and application of advanced techniques in molecular biology. The former will primarily focus on the replication, repair, expression and regulation of genes and other basic molecular biological events as such and associated mechanisms during the significant processes of genetic proliferation, aging and lesion. The latter carries out research and application of molecular biotechniques such as molecular evolution, gene editing, molecular marker for detection and gene therapy. Research will be both basic and applied, covering up four major aspects including gene repair and duplication, regulation of gene expression, molecular mechanisms of infectious diseases, techniques of molecular biology. Though these research and discovery, the Institute will effectively unite research from both basic and applied to facilitate the translation of research results.

The Institute of Molecular Physiology can share the following research platforms:
- Molecular Imaging Platform
It will be equipped with a super-resolution imaging system, a living cell working platform, and confocal microscopes to provide the most advanced imaging technology and develop new imaging technologies.
- Gene Library
A gene library for genome-wide screening will be constructed, and virus packaging systems will be established to provide support for further research on high-throughput screening, molecular evolution, and gene therapy.
- Animal Center
An SPF-level animal house of about 500m2 will first be constructed to accommodate about 2,000 mouse cages to facilitate relevant animal experiments. Further construction of about 8000m2 will provide animal breeding spaces for 12,000 cages of mouse and rat, respectively.
- High-throughput Screening Platform
It will be equipped with a full-automatic high-throughput screening device, which can perform small-scale compound screening, high-throughput genetic screening (siRNAs,shRNAs,cDNAs,CRISPR) and processing of high-throughput screening data in cells, nematodes, zebrafish and other systems, providing comprehensive screening experiment design, technical guidance and data analysis in scientific research.
- Genomics Center
A high-throughput sequencing system and a bioinformatics analysis platform will be built, which will be vital and fundamental for scientific research such as gene transcription regulation.
- Proteomics Platform
A variety of protein mass spectrometry systems will be established to provide advanced proteomics technology based on high-resolution mass spectrometry for scientific research.
- Transgenic Animal Center
It will provide a variety of scientific service, including transgenic animal construction, animal purification, embryo cryopreservation and so on.

Whom we’re looking for
Institute of Molecular Physiology of SZBL strives to deliver cutting-edge technology to the global scientific community through worldwide innovation and collaboration with experts and we are looking for the brightest minds to help us achieve our goals.
We are looking to fill multiple faculty positions at all ranks. Applicants should have a doctoral degree in biology, chemistry, pharmacy and medicine or closely related fields. Postdoctoral experience is required for a junior position (Assistant Professor). Applicants for senior positions are expected to have a demonstrated publication and funding record indicative of a leading scientist.
The applicant can identify which of the above areas is his or her primary areas. Review of applications will start April 2019, but positions will remain open until filled.

What is offered
Startup package and salaries will be competitive at an international level. A package of fringe benefits that include health and retirement benefits. The SZBL will also help applicants apply for national and local talent programs.

Your Application
The Institute of Molecular Physiology of SZBL is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes applicants from all sections of the community.

Required Application documents:
1. Curriculum vitae
2. Cover letter
3. Lists of publications and research funding
4. Research summary and proposal
5. Name and contact details of 3 references

Please send the application documents by email attachment to
Email subject: the title of the position for which you are applying.
For more details on SZBL and our research, please visit our website:
Email content: please include your contact information, name, telephone number, and any dates on which you would be unavailable for an interview. Upon request, applications will be considered confidentially.

Apply with CV and Cover Letter

Must be a .doc, .docx, or .pdf file and no larger than 1MBMust be a .doc, .docx, or .pdf file and no larger than 1MB

Recruitment of Faculty for Institute of Molecular Physiology of Shenzhen Bay Laboratory