Quantum Technologies

Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Spain


Leader researcher permanent position at CSIC (National Research Council in Spain). CSIC is the largest research organization in Spain, 7th public at world level.

The selected candidate will work in one of the following Institutes:

ICMA (http://www.icma.unizar-csic.es/ICMAportal/) is a Joint Research Institute with the University of Zaragoza. The fundamental objectives of ICMA are to contribute to the advancement of scientific and technical knowledge in the area of Material Science and Technology, by conducting high quality scientific and technical research. This is demonstrated by the publication of scientific results in prestigious international journals, participation in research projects at a regional, national and international level as well as knowledge transfer to industry in its research areas: Functional organic materials; Materials for energy applications and laser processing; Magnetic materials; Materials for biological applications; Theory and simulation in Material Science. Located at: University of Zaragoza, Calle de Pedro Cerbuna, 12, 50009 Zaragoza (SPAIN).

ICMM´s (https://www.icmm.csic.es/) mission is to create new fundamental and applied knowledge in materials of high technological impact, their processing and their transfer to the productive sectors at local, national and European scales (the true value of materials is in their use), the training of new professionals, and the dissemination of the scientific knowledge. Located at: Autonomous University of Madrid, Campus de Cantoblanco, Calle Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, 3, 28049 Madrid (SPAIN).

IMB´s (http://www.imb-cnm.csic.es/index.php/en/) main activities are basic and applied research and development, education and training in micro and nanotechnologies, components and systems. Its mission is to improve the knowledge and to contribute to the implementation of solutions based in these technologies in new products, for solving societal challenges. Located at: Campus UAB, Carrer dels Til·lers, 08193 Cerdanyola del Vallès, Barcelona (SPAIN).

ICMAB (http://icmab.es/) is a multidisciplinary research center focused on cutting-edge research in functional advanced materials in the fields of ENERGY, ELECTRONICS, NANOMEDICINE and application fields yet to imagine. Its mission is “to generate new knowledge in Advanced Materials Science and transfer it to the society, particularly to industry within the European Research Area”. Located at:
Campus de la UAB 08193 Bellaterra, Spain, 08193 Bellaterra, Barcelona (SPAIN).

IFT (https://www.ift.uam-csic.es/en) is joint research center with the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM). It is the only Spanish center dedicated entirely to research in Theoretical Physics. Its members develop research in the frontiers of Elementary Particle Physics, Astroparticles and Cosmology, in order to understand the fundamental keys of Nature and the Universe. Located at: Autonomous University of Madrid, Campus de Cantoblanco, C/ Nicolás Cabrera, 13-15, 28049 Madrid (SPAIN).

IFF´s (https://www.iff.csic.es/) main objective is to promote, at the highest level, the development of basic and basic-oriented research in the frame of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics and related fields. Our Institute aims to maintain a leadership position in the following research lines: Medical Physics. Radiation damage; Molecular Astrophysics; Molecular Quantum Processes: theory and simulations; Nanostructures and Complex Molecular Physics; Quantum Information and Quantum Technologies. Located at:
Calle Serrano, 123, 28006 Madrid (SPAIN).

ITEFI´s (http://www.itefi.csic.es/)primary aim is the research on novel physical technologies applicable to industrial, biomedical and environmental fields, as well as information technologies associated with the communications security and cryptography fields. Located at:
Calle Serrano, 144, 28006 Madrid (SPAIN).

See further details on this call at https://wiki.corp.csic.es/vicyt_public/index.php/2019/08/13/international-call-for-permanent-positions-at-csic-oep/


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Quantum Technologies