Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)

Professor in forest planning

SLU, Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre

Alnarp, Sweden

A position as full professor in forest planning is open for application at the Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre, SLU in Alnarp.

The centre is the southernmost department within the Faculty of Forest Sciences, SLU (www.slu.se/en/departments/southern-swedish-forest-research-centre). The department is multidisciplinary, which means great possibilities for interactions between disciplines. There is a lot of cooperation with other parts of the faculty and with universities in other countries, as well as with the practical forest sector. Teaching given at the department attracts master- and doctoral students from many different countries.

Subject Area

The subject area is forest planning in order to support decisions regarding use and management of forests. The professor shall pay special attention to the non-industrial private forestry as well as to aspects of forest policy relevant for forest planning. The analyses concern timber as well as environmental resources and include methods to prioritize different forest interests and methods for management of risk and uncertainty. Scientific cooperation nationally and internationally and with the practical forest sector is essential.

Work duties

The holder of the position is expected to:
- develop and lead nationally and internationally recognized and successful research,
- apply for external research funding from national and international sources,
- develop and maintain national and international networks and collaborations with academia, stakeholders and society in general,
- cooperate with other researchers within and outside SLU,
- lead, develop and participate in teaching of students at all levels,
- participate in the supervision and training of doctoral students,
- contribute to the strategic development at department and faculty levels,
- disseminate research findings and contribute with relevant knowledge to society.


The candidate who is offered the position shall:
- have a PhD degree and the qualifications required to be appointed docent (associate professor) or equivalent,
- be scientifically skilled within the subject area for the position,
- have good teaching skills,
- have good knowledge of the English language,
- have good skills in leadership and social competence.

Assessment criteria

Assessment criteria for appointment of a professor will primarily be based on the degree to which the applicant possesses the required qualifications specified for the position.

The assessment of scientific skills will consider:
- quality and quantity of past and current research,
- future research visions,
- ability to independently initiate, lead and develop innovative research,
- ability to attract external funding.

The assessment of pedagogic skills will consider:
- planning, conducting and evaluating teaching,
- experience of supervision and examination of undergraduate students,
- experience of supervision and examination of students at doctoral level,
- pedagogic visions,
- ability to integrate research and scientific thinking in teaching.

Furthermore, the assessment will consider the applicant’s documented skills in:
- leading, developing and managing academic units and staff,
- interacting with other researchers and research groups as well as with relevant stakeholders and society,
- dissemination of research findings and development projects,
- social competence.

The candidate who, after an overall assessment of skills and qualifications, is considered most suitable to carry out and develop the work duties and contribute to a positive development of the activities in the field will be suggested for appointment.

Please apply via recruiter’s website.