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Established in July 2019, the Institute for Translational Brain Research (ITBR) is one of the newest research institutes in Fudan University. Led by Professor Shumin Duan, a world-renowned neuroscientist and member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, ITBR reports directly to the president of Fudan University and operates under the “Special Academic Region” policy. ITBR is now actively seeking talented scientists to expand its existing faculty. ITBR will provide internationally competitive salaries/benefits, generous start-up packages, state-of-the-art core facilities, and an open academic environment to help scientists pursue cutting-edge research and achieve excellence in neuroscience and translational brain research. Successful candidates will be selected based on their scientific qualifications, achievements, or potential. Individualized discussion and negotiation are also available on a case-by-case basis.

Based in a top-ranked university, ITBR aims to become a world-class center for basic and translational research in the broad field of neuroscience. For basic research, ITBR is committed to exploring fundamental questions of the nervous system, such as brain development and plasticity, neural circuits of cognitive functions, as well as various brain disorders and injuries. For translational research, ITBR is dedicated to use multidisciplinary approaches, through the integration of brain science with clinical medicine, pharmacy and engineering, to develop cutting-edge technologies and make breakthroughs in brain research, artificial intelligence, the diagnosis and treatments of brain disorders and injuries. For more information of ITBR faculty recruitment please visit: http://itbr.fudan.edu.cn/info/1262/1979.htm

The positions and benefits

Talented individuals with a passion for neuroscience research, especially those with interdisciplinary backgrounds, are encouraged to apply.

1. Senior Principal Investigators

Individuals who have track records of independent, original and internationally recognized research in their own fields and have demonstrated extraordinary potential to make further breakthroughs and direct frontier research program in the future. Tenured professors at top-notch universities are particularly encouraged to apply.

ITBR will provide annual salary of 600K–1000K CNY, housing allowance of 1-4 million CNY, research start-up funds of 4-10 million CNY, and lab space of 180-250 m^2.

2. Junior Principal Investigators

Individuals who are sincerely devoted to scientific research and have produced outstanding work in the field of neuroscience. Qualified candidates should have a doctorate degree from a well-known university with post-doctoral research experience abroad and show potential to become an academic leader.

ITBR will provide annual salary of 300K–700K CNY, housing allowance of 600K– 900K CNY, research start-up funds of 2-6 million CNY, and lab space of 100-180 m^2.

Key expectations and responsibilities:

• Lead a successful research team and deliver cutting-edge research in the fields of neuroscience

• Establish collaborations with other principal investigators and/or physicians within Fudan University, and build research partnership between ITBR and other national and international research organizations

• Foster a diverse and nurturing environment for mentoring and training of graduate students and research fellows

Additional support from Fudan University:

• Help in acquiring permanent residency in Shanghai city (for Chinese citizens)

• Access to university residential apartments

• Access to high-quality education resources for children in Fudan University-affiliated schools (kindergarten through high school)

• Additional merit-based financial incentives and compensations, based on published papers, acquired external funding and results of translational research

• Access to key medical resources from many Fudan University-affiliated hospitals, such as Huashan Hospital, Zhongshan Hospital, Otolaryngology Hospital, and Cancer Hospital, which can provide not only opportunities for interactions/collaborations in clinical/translational research, but also high-quality medical care for researchers and their family members

Application Instructions:

Applicants for all positions should submit 1) CV, 2) summary of previous research achievements, 3) statement of research interests and future plans, 4) A list of representative publications and a copy of the first page of each article, and 5) three letters of recommendation.

The above application materials should be merged in one PDF file (≤ 20 Mb) and sent via email attachment to itbr@fudan.edu.cn. Applicants should include their name and position for which they are applying in the email heading and file name of the attached PDF file.

Contact: Yuqun Cai, Telephone:+86-21-54237056, Email: itbr@fudan.edu.cn

Website: http://itbr.fudan.edu.cn/index.htm

Apply with CV and Cover Letter

Must be a .doc, .docx, or .pdf file and no larger than 1MBMust be a .doc, .docx, or .pdf file and no larger than 1MB

Principal Investigators in Neuroscience