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Principal Informatician

The Francis Crick Institute

London, United Kingdom

Principal Informatician – High Throughput Screening
Reports to: High Throughput Screening Lead

This is a full-time, permanent position on Crick Terms and Conditions of Employment.


The High Throughput Screening (HTS) facility is one of the core technology platforms available to all researchers at the Crick and enables them to use screening techniques as part of their research. Activities can include, but are not restricted to, genome-wide RNAi and CRISPR screens, large-scale cell-based screens with collections of well-characterised small molecules or proof-of-concept drug discovery screens. The majority of the output of these screens is high content analysis of images.
The HTS facility has a history or providing researchers with the reagents and infrastructure necessary to undertake genome-wide functional genomic screens using arrayed siRNA and CRISPR reagents across a wide variety of disease relevant biological systems. The post holder will be the key player in analysing the large and complex datasets such screening campaigns generate and maintain this data in a bespoke MySQL database. The post holder will also be responsible for the maintenance of this central HTS database and the vital connections between servers that lie at the heart of our work and will be able to problem solve and create bespoke data analysis and data presentation solutions for smaller scale screening work.

Reporting to the Head of the High Throughput Screening Science Technology Platform, the post-holder will interact closely with a team of 5 highly experienced staff. In addition, the post-holder will interact with other scientists, technicians and operations staff across the institute.. Further information about the High Throughput Screening team can be seen at


Principal Bioinformaticians are expected to work collaboratively and the ability to work as part of a team is essential. Some of the specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

• Applying existing and novel methods of statistical analysis to the raw output of High- Throughput screening experiments in order to identify hits and assess the quality of experimental data
• Problem solve and create bespoke data analysis and data presentation solutions for smaller scale screening work
• Presentation and explanation of these analyses to users
• Maintenance of the HTS database and management of the vital connections between relevant commercial databases that store raw experimental data
• Managing and curating the data from screening projects and integrating this data with other external data sources including annotation databases and other screening

or experimental datasets
• Performing meta-analysis of High-Throughput screening data in order to discover novel biological patterns
• Further develop activity pipelines and analysis tools to facilitate the management, analysis and presentation of screening data.


The post holder should embody and demonstrate our core Crick values: Bold, Imaginative, Open, Dynamic and Collegial, in addition to the following:

Qualifications, experience and competencies:

• Direct experience of working in a biological research environment in bioinformatics, statistics, genomics or a related field
• Direct and demonstrable experience of complex statistical analysis and data presentation of large datasets using analysis tools such as R or Python
• Direct experience of working with relational databases (e.g. MySQL)
• Experience of working in a Unix/Linux environment with scripting languages such as Perl or Python
• Direct experience of statistical modelling and machine learning techniques
• Educated to PhD level
• Problem solving and adaptable to fast changing demands with excellent communications skills

Qualifications, experience and competencies:

• Knowledge of web programming languages and frameworks such as HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, JQuery and AJAX
• Experience with statistical reporting tools e.g. R shiny or R markdown
• Experience with pipeline frameworks e.g. KNIME
• Familiarity with image analysis techniques
• Familiarity with the use of CRISPR or RNAi tools
• Familiarity with Next Generation sequencing data analysis

Please apply via recruiter’s website.