French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS)

Prebiotic Chemistry – opening for a junior scientist in the Loire Valley, Orléans, France

The Center for Molecular Biophysics

Orléans, France

The Center for Molecular Biophysics (CBM) of the CNRS is seeking an outstanding junior candidate to contribute to establish a world-class research programme in prebiotic chemistry.

The CBM (~150 scientists and support staff) is an interdisciplinary research center centered on the molecules of life, cellular biology, molecular targets and innovative therapies, theoretic and computational biophysics, chemistry and imagery. The CBM is also historically known as the founding laboratory for exobiology in France. The Exobiology Group of the CBM ( is an internationally renowned, multidisciplinary group whose scientific interests range from prebiotic chemistry and the origin of life on Earth to the search for life on other worlds, e.g. the planet Mars, incorporating also solid Earth geology, geobiology, and physics. The combination of strong expertise in understanding the geological environment of the early Earth with stochastic chemistry has led the group to consider innovative avenues of research in the field of prebiotic chemistry. The group is looking for a scientist with a background in chemistry (physical/organic) who is at the same time strongly interested in the kind of innovative, multidisciplinary, and therefore collaborative, approach to science.

In terms of instrumentation, the group has high class technological assets in house and/or locally available including: an equipped wet chemistry lab, IR spectrometry, Raman spectrometry, NMR, MALDI-TOF/TOF, nanoLC-IT MS/MS and ESI-UHR-QTOF (FR2708), etc. Moreover, given the broad scientific fields of research addressed at the CBM, many other relevant techniques are available. The CBM also is part of the larger CNRS/university of Orléans campus providing easy access to a wide range of additional instrumentation, e.g. HR-TEM, HR-SEM, cyclotron, solid-state NMR, etc.

CBM is located on the CNRS Campus in Orleans, at the heart of the Loire valley, an area offering a superb quality of life. CBM teams benefit from a rich and diverse scientific environment from the CNRS campus, University of Orléans and local hospital and from its proximity (~1h drive) to research centers in Tours and Paris. CBM offers excellent working conditions in 6300 m2 of recently constructed or renovated lab and office space.

Candidates should have obtained their PhD after 2010 and meet the criteria required to apply for a junior permanent position (Chargé de recherche) at CNRS. They should manifest clear potential to secure national and international external funding. Several competitive funding schemes are open to outstanding junior scientists and may provide temporary alternatives to permanent positions.

Applications should include a full CV and contact details of three referees, a short description of achievements and records of previous and ongoing funding (when applicable), as well as the proposed research program. Applications should be sent to before 15th of June 2019.
Shortlisted candidates will be contacted in July 2019 for interviews and to visit CBM.


Apply with CV and Cover Letter

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Prebiotic Chemistry – opening for a junior scientist in the Loire Valley, Orléans, France