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Postdoctoral Training Fellow

The Francis Crick Institute

London, United Kingdom

Postdoctoral Training Fellow
This is a full-time, fixed term 4 years position on Crick terms and conditions of employment.

The research group
We seek a talented and passionate scientist to join the lab of Lucia Prieto-Godino (
The lab employs a multidisciplinary approach to understand how neural circuits function and evolve, combining techniques that range from in vivo calcium imaging, electrophysiology, electron microscopy circuit tracing, single-cell RNA sequencing, genome editing, behavioural analysis, field work and environmental chemical analysis.

Project summary
Maximum 400 words

The project will investigate the mechanisms regulating transcriptional and proteomic diversity in neurons. We recently found prevalent neuronal-specific regulation of stop codon readthrough in Drosophila (Prieto-Godino et al. Nature 2016), suggesting a mechanism to generate alternative neuron-specific protein functions. The project will investigate how this process is regulated, its functional significance, and whether is conserved in vertebrates.
The project will combine the power of Drosophila genetics with human induced pluripotent stem cells and advanced sequencing technologies, in collaboration with the Patani and Ule labs at the Crick.

Key experience and competencies
The post holder should embody and demonstrate our core Crick values: bold, imaginative, open, dynamic and collegial, in addition to the following:

The ideal candidate would have experience analysing RNA-seq data, as well as with molecular and cell biology lab work. A high degree of independence is expected, as well as the ability to coordinate with multiple core facilities at the crick, including the sequencing and the high-throughput screening STPs.

• PhD in Molecular Neuroscience (or related disciplines)
• Good knowledge and experience in performing and analysing RNA sequencing data
• Bio-informatic datamining experience
• Ability to work independently and also capable of interacting within a group

• Track record of writing papers as evidenced by publications or pre-prints
• Experience working with cell cultures

Please apply via recruiter’s website.