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Open Positions in Center for Next Generation Cytometry (CNGC)


1. CNGC Intro: The Center for Next Generation Cytometry (CNGC, cngc.hanyang.ac.kr) was established in Nov. 2017, based on the collaborative research activities between Hanyang University and Yonsei University Hospital. By combining cutting-edge Information Technology (IT) with Nano- and Bio- Technologies (NT and BT), it aims to innovate current Medical Technology (MT) to benefit patients, medical doctors, and healthcare industries. Particularly, in the project currently undergoing, it is developing multi-level disease diagnosis models based on novel cytometry platforms and machine/deep learning approaches, which can be applied for the early diagnosis of the diseases, such as sepsis, stroke, and blood cancer, and expected to contribute in expanding clinical applications of current blood testing methods.

2. Open Positions: Postdoctoral Scholar/Research Associates (Starting date: 2020.01.01)

- Single cell analyses using high dimensional mass and omics cytometry platforms.

        The center for next generation cytometry (CNGC) has an opening for three postdoctoral scholars or research associates with various backgrounds (e.g., Analytical Science, Cell Biology, Immunology, Statistics/Data Analysis and other relevant science/engineering fields), who will work on single cell analyses using high dimensional mass and omics cytometry platforms. The CNGC aims to combine high dimensional mass and omics cytometry platforms with deep/machine learning techniques to develop multi-level disease diagnosis models.

These positions will be responsible for one of the following roles; 1) developing, operating and maintaining high dimensional mass cytometry (Fluidigm Helios) and omics cytometry (scRNAseq), 2) design and perform immunology studies using above platforms for understanding disease mechanisms and cell-nanoparticle interactions in single cell level, 3) analyzing and interpreting large sets of high dimensional mass and flow cytometry data.

Ph.D with experiences in one of the following areas are preferred; 1) instrumentation, maintenance, operation and/or applications of mass cytometry or single cell RNA sequencing, 2) isolating, processing, and analyzing exosomes, extracellular vesicles, and single cells from blood or other biospecimens using high dimensional cytometry; 3) dimensionality reduction, preprocessing, clustering and visualization of high dimensional cytometry data using machine/deep learning techniques. Strong communication skills and excellent oral and written English are also preferred for this position.

If you are interested in this position,

please contact to Prof. Tae Hyun Yoon by e-mail (taeyoon@hanyang.ac.kr)


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Postdoctoral Scholar/Research Associates