The University of Iowa (UI)

Postdoctoral Scholar

The University of Iowa

Iowa City, IA, United States

Mechanisms of Synaptic transmission and Impact on Neuronal Circuit Output

There is an open post-doctoral position in the laboratory of Samuel Young at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine, Iowa City, IA. Twitter @samyounglab The Young laboratory is focused on the fundamental question: How do synapses enable neuronal circuits to transmit a wide diversity of information? Outcomes from our work will define the molecular principles that govern how synaptic properties drive neuronal circuit output, which underpins organism behavior.

We use the calyx of Held/MNTB synapse. This model system which provides unparalleled opportunities to gain insights into the presynaptic mechanisms that support the initial stages of auditory processing. The laboratory uses an integrated approach that centers on using novel viral vector technology, electrophysiological and biophysical methods, biochemistry, light and electron microscopy techniques in conjunction with transgenic mice. Two major areas of research focus are presynaptic release mechanisms for fast auditory signaling and presynaptic CaV2 channel function

Candidates must have a PhD in a related scientific discipline (Neuroscience, Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Anatomy, etc) and at least one first author publication. Expertise in any of the approaches used in the laboratory are preferred. Interested candidates should submit their Curriculum Vitae, a cover letter and complete contact information for at least three references to the Jobs@UIOWA link below:

Please apply via recruiter’s website.