Brown University

Postdoctoral Researcher: Computational Biology/Genomics

will Fairbrother

providence, RI, United States

Opportunity requires at least 2 years experience using computational methods in some area of gene expression. The lab is focused on 1) genomic method development 2) RNA genomics and 3) the use of high throughput assays to study of how variations affect RNA splicing. Researcher will develop an independent research program and also collaborate with academic consortia and industry collaborators. Position requires ambition, creativity, familiarity with gene expression and experience with programming and the use of standard bioinformatic tools. Lab has good track record placing former students & postdocs. Please email Will Fairbrother at with cover letter and CV to apply. Recent presentative publications include:(Soemedi et al. Nat Gen 2017 PMID:28416821 ; Zhang et al. Cell 2018 PMID:29474921 ; Taggart et al, Nat Struct Mol Biol 2012 PMID: 22705790 )


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Postdoctoral Researcher: Computational Biology/Genomics