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Postdoctoral Scholar position at Stanford University:

Chromatin Regulation in Cancer

The Departments of Developmental Biology (MCB) and Pathology at Stanford University Berkeley invite applications for a Postdoctoral Scholar - Employee position starting in late 2018 or early 2019. The post-doctoral fellow will join an active group of 14 post-doctoral fellows and graduate students investigating the role of chromatin regulation in human cancer.  Our approach includes using human genetics to guide fundamental insights into the understanding of chromatin regulation and its dysfunction in cancer.  Our goals are to use the large number of disease producing alleles to guide biochemical studies of both the normal mechanisms as well as the precise details of the cancer initiating or maintaining mechanisms to allow therapeutic development.

In prior work we have developed powerful techniques to allow the precise dissection of the kinetics and mechanisms of chromatin regulators in living cells or the living organism (Hathaway, N. et al Cell 2012; Kadoch, C. et al Nature Genetics 2017; Braun S et al Nature Comm 2018).  We use genomic and biochemical approaches to investigate the mechanism by which chromatin regulators like the mSWI/SNF or BAF complex contribute to over 20% of all human cancers (Dykhuisan E. et al Nature 2013) and Chory EJ et al Mol Cell in press 2018).
This person will work in the laboratory of Gerald R. Crabtree and will closely collaborate the other groups at Stanford.

Position Qualifications: A Ph.D. with a strong background in molecular biology, biochemistry, genomics, or related disciplines is required. Experience in analysis of large data sets is highly desirable.  Experience with working in teams, as well as an ability to work independently, is essential. Applicants should submit a CV and a summary of research experience. Three (3) confidential letters of reference should be sent under separate email cover. Minorities and women encouraged to apply. 

HHMI is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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