Yale University

Post-doctoral position at the interface of physiology, membrane biophysics, and neuroscience

Karatekin Lab

New Haven, CT, United States

A post-doctoral position is available immediately in the Karatekin lab. We study molecular mechanisms regulating neurotransmitter release and synaptic vesicle recycling using biochemical reconstitution, live cell measurements, and a range of biophysical and imaging approaches, including electrophysiology and optical tweezers (http://campuspress.yale.edu/karatekinlab/).

Building upon approaches recently developed in the lab, the candidate will (1) study how fusion pores open and dilate during neurotransmitter or hormone release in response to calcium using semi-reconstituted systems, (2) dissect mechanisms contributing to kinetics and cooperativity of rapid calcium-triggered exocytosis, with a particular focus on the release machinery in photoreceptors. Techniques and tools used will include electrophysiology, nanodiscs (artificial disc-shaped phospholipid bilayers) reconstituted with SNARE and Synaptotagmin proteins, engineered cells expressing fusogens with flipped topology on their surfaces, single-particle fluorescence microscopy, and ultraviolet flash photolysis (for rapid elevation of calcium).  

Problem-solving skills, analytical thinking, motivation, initiative, creativity, and good communication skills are essential. Expertise in two or more of the following areas is desirable: membrane biophysics, electrophysiology (especially coupled with UV uncaging of calcium or other compounds), cell biology/physiology, optics, molecular biology and biochemistry, quantitative analysis. Candidates with a background in physics, engineering or a related field are especially encouraged to apply.

Please send (as pdf files) a cover letter briefly describing your research interests, a curriculum vitae (including a publications list), and full contact information for three references to erdem.karatekin@yale.edu.


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Post-doctoral position at the interface of physiology, membrane biophysics, and neuroscience