Linköping University (LiU)

Postdoctoral in neuroscience

Linköping University (LiU)

Linköping, Sweden

Neuroscience Postdoctoral Programme

Linköping University is one of Sweden’s six large universities, currently enrolling 27,000 students. The Centre for Systems Neurobiology involves some 50 independent research groups, from the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Science and Engineering, as well as the University Hospital.

The Centre for Systems Neurobiology is now seeking Postdoctoral Fellows within several neuroscience research areas:
Animal behavior/Behavioral genetics (Per Jensen), Basic and translational psychiatric neuroscience (Rebecca Böhme, Paul Hamilton, Markus Heilig) Ion channel biophysics and pharmacology (Sara Liin, Antonios Pantazis), Neurodegenerative disease (Martin Hallbeck, Walker Jackson), Neuroendocrinology/neuroimmunology (Anders Blomqvist, David Engblom), Neurophysiology and clinical neuromodulation (Magnus Thordstein), Sensory and cognitive systems (Anders Fridberger, Kajsa Igelström, Håkan Olausson, Mary Rudner), Stress and affective processing (Leah Mayo). Applications will be reviewed continuously.

For full consideration please apply as soon as possible.

For more details regarding the Centre, the different research labs involved in the programme, and to submit a letter-of-intent please go to: For information regarding the university and the region, please go to:,

Please apply via recruiter’s website.