Oslo University Hospital (OUS)

Postdoctoral fellowship

Oslo University Hospital (OUS)

Oslo, Norway

Postdoctoral fellowship Oslo University Hospital, Research Institute of Internal Medicine

Postdoctoral fellowship in microbiome bioinformatics. One position is available as Postdoctoral fellow – a 2 year engagement – affiliated at Oslo University Hospital – funded through EraNet.

Duties and responsibilities:
We are seeking a skilled and ambitious co-worker to take on a challenging project funded through EraNet by the Norwegian Cancer Society (NCS) and Research Council of Norway (RCN), “Scratch: Microbiota-based SCReening of Anal Cancer in HIV-infected individuals”. The project focuses on the discovery of microbiota profiles and related proteomics and metabolomics signatures as a potential screening tool of anal cancer and cancer precursors in HIV-infected individuals. The research group CliMic (Clinical microbiology and Microbiota medicine) led by Associate professor Marius Trøseid, has over the past 6 years established a strong clinical microbiome research environment. In the present project, the use of large-scale metagenomics, metabolomics and proteomics, as well as integrated multi-level bioinformatics will be applied to discover novel microbiota-related biomarkers. We expect to improve the diagnosis of cancer precursors, to reduce the incidence of anal cancer, to reduce the harms and costs associated with the screening of anal cancer, and to gain insight into the potential mechanisms driven by microbiota fuelling anal cancer. To achieve this, a consortium of 2 clinical sites and 3 academic partners has been established, coordinated from Madrid, and with a work package focusing on multi-level bioinformatics being performed at Oslo University Hospital. The candidate should have an ambition to form an independent research track, and will be offered opportunities to do so. The position will require multi-level bioinformatics and biostatistics. 

Applicants must hold a relevant PhD
Experience with microbiome research is a prerequisite
Documented experience with relevant bioinformatic and statistical methods (including use of R) is a prerequisite
Documented experience with multi-level bioinformatics is an advantage

Personal Qualification:
High working capacity and productivity
Strong motivation
Excellent writing and oral communication in English

We can offer:
A multi-national and friendly working environment located at Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet.
Pension arrangement and other welfare benefits
Possibilities for mobility, including Oslo-Madrid

Only application through Webcruiter are accepted, ID 4201275839

Marius Trøseid marius.troseid@medisin.uio.no

Please apply via recruiter’s website.