Institute for Computational Medicine (ICM), JHU

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Computational Medicine

Institute for Computational Medicine (ICM), JHU, United States

Baltimore, MD, United States

We are seeking recent Ph.D. graduates to join a postdoctoral fellowship program applying computational biology to lung diseases. The fellowship program is jointly advised by faculty at the Institute for Computational Medicine (ICM) at Johns Hopkins University and by researchers at the United Therapeutics Corporation Computational Lab for In Silico Molecular Biology. This unique opportunity will allow postdoctoral fellows to gain industry and academic research experience working on pharmaceutical R&D projects.

Successful candidates will have an interest in improving computational modeling of biological systems. We are using multiscale mechanistic modeling to study the normal function and pathophysiology of the lung at scales ranging from organ level down to cellular and molecular level. With mentorship from Johns Hopkins and United Therapeutics, projects for postdoctoral fellows will involve applying a wide range of techniques to formulate computational models based on experimental data. These models will be used to understand the key drivers that govern system behavior and to explore potential therapeutic approaches.

The fellowship provides an annual salary of $60,000 with full healthcare benefits. Postdoctoral fellows will be employees of Johns Hopkins University.

Please apply via recruiter’s website.