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Postdoctoral Fellowship in Breast Cancer Research

Washington University School of Medicine

St. Louis, MO, United States

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Breast Cancer Research

The Bose laboratory focuses on the genomics of breast cancer and we use cancer organoid methods to functionally study oncogenic mutations and perform drug testing. The work of Prof. Hans Clevers provides a breakthrough to culture primary human cancer samples in the laboratory, see Sachs et al., Cell 2018 Jan 11;172(1-2):373-386. We are applying these techniques to study the HER2 receptor tyrosine kinase in breast cancer. We identified activating mutations in HER2 and have proven in both preclinical publications and a human clinical trial that inhibiting HER2 mutations is an effective treatment for metastatic breast cancer patients. Dr. Ron Bose will be presenting our latest research as an Oral Presentation at the AACR Annual Meeting on April 2, 2019 in Atlanta, GA.

Candidates must have strong expertise with mammalian tissue culture.

We are specifically looking for someone with expertise in one of the following areas:
1. Cell separation techniques, such as FACS based Cell Sorting or other methods.
2. Advanced molecular biology techniques, including CRISPR/Cas 9, or lentiviral/retroviral transduction of human cells. Example of desirable methods – see Koo et al. Nature Methods 9 (1):81-83, 2012.

Education requirements:
Ph.D. in Cancer Biology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, or related field.

If you are attending the AACR Annual Meeting in Atlanta on 3/29/19 to 4/3/19, please contact us about meeting in person. Dr. Ron Bose will be giving an oral presentation on Tuesday, 4/2/19details here.

Link to Bose Lab website for full list of publications and further information.

Selected publications:
Bose R*, Kavuri SM, Searleman AC, Shen W, Shen D, Koboldt DC, Monsey J, Goel N, Aronson AB, Li S, Ma CX, Ding L, Mardis ER, and Ellis MJ*. Activating HER2 mutations in HER2 gene amplification negative breast cancer. Cancer Discovery, 3(2):224-37 (2013). *Corresponding authors.

Kavuri SM, Jain N, Galimi F, Cottino F, Leto SM, Migliardi G, Searleman AC, Shen W, Monsey J, Trusolino L, Jacobs SA, Bertotti A, Bose R. HER2 activating mutations are targets for colorectal cancer treatment. Cancer Discovery. 5(8):832-41 (2015).

Information about Washington University:
Consistently ranked among the top 10 US medical schools, Washington University School of Medicine offers a highly interactive and stimulating academic environment for scientists in training. The Siteman Cancer Center at Washington University is a NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center. We are located in the heart of the Central West End, a vibrant St. Louis neighborhood adjacent to major cultural institutions and one of the country’s largest urban parks. We offer competitive salary and benefit packages. Links for more information on Washington University and St. Louis.

To Apply: Please send CV and names of 3 references to Maureen Highkin at mhighkin@wustl.edu


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Postdoctoral Fellowship in Breast Cancer Research