Warren Alpert Foundation

Postdoctoral Fellowship Award

Warren Alpert Foundation

Providence, RI, United States


The Warren Alpert Distinguished Scholars is a recently established program, now in its second year, that will support individual scientists of exceptional creativity who have an MD or PhD degree and who have completed a minimum of three years and not more than five years of a post-doctoral fellowship in the field of basic neurosciences at a medical school located in the United States
These awards are given as transitional post-doctoral awards for recipients as they advance to become full time faculty members at the Assistant Professor level or higher. The medical school nominating each scholar will be awarded $200,000 annually for two years to cover their salary, lab costs, and related expenses. Up to fifteen percent of indirect costs is included in the $200,000. All applicants are required to provide a minimum of 75% effort. Deans of medical schools are invited to submit one nomination.

Please see our web page for full details: www.warrenalpertfoundation.org
Applications are due by November 1, 2019.

Please apply via recruiter’s website.