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Postdoctoral Fellow position in Neuroscience at Georgia Institute of Technology

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Postdoctoral Fellow position in Neuroscience at Georgia Institute of Technology

A Postdoctoral Fellow position is available in Dr. Liang Han’s laboratory at Georgia Institute of Technology School of Biological Sciences ( We use a combination of molecular genetic, immunohistochemical, fluorescence imaging and behavioral approaches to understand how the nervous system receives, transmits and interprets various stimuli to induce physiological and behavioral responses.

We are particularly interested in the basic mechanisms underlying somatosensation, including pain, itch and mechanical sensation. Our previous studies have identified the molecular identity of itch-sensing neurons in the peripheral (Han et. al. 2013 Nature Neuroscience). We are currently investigating how chronic itch associated with cutaneous or systemic disorders is initiated and transmitted and to search for new therapeutic targets for treating chronic itch conditions.

We are also interested in the physiological functions of the sensory innervations in the respiratory system. We recently identified a subset of vagal sensory neurons mediating bronchoconstriction and airway hyperresponsiveness (Han et. al. 2018 Nature Neuroscience). We are investigating how the sensory innervations in the airway contribute to the pathogenesis of respiratory diseases.

We are seeking motivated and enthusiastic individuals to join our group. The lab is committed to foster a collaborative environment and to promote creative scientific research and career development of every lab member. The candidate for the Postdoctoral Fellow position should have a PhD degree in biomedical science related fields. Previous experience in neuroscience is preferred.

Applicants should directly e-mail Dr. Liang Han at a single file that includes CV and names/contact information of three references.

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Postdoctoral Fellow position in Neuroscience at Georgia Institute of Technology