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Increasing evidence suggests that the adaptive and innate immune response plays a critical role in the pathogenesis of neuromuscular degenerative diseases including TDP-43 proteinopathies like Inclusion Body Myositis (IBM) and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).   The Lloyd lab at Johns Hopkins is seeking a postdoctoral fellow with expertise in Immunology, Muscle Biology, and/or Mouse Models of neuromuscular disease to study the interaction between the immune system and regenerating muscle in neuromuscular disease using a humanized mouse model.  The Johns Hopkins Myositis Center routinely performs xenotransplantation of human muscle biopsy specimens into immunodeficient mice to create personalized animal models of myositis.  We are using state-of-the-art multiomics approaches such as single-cell RNA sequencing to understand the interaction between the human immune system and muscle within a mouse host.   We are also partnering with industry to use these models to test the efficacy of novel biologics as potential therapies for this incurable and debilitating myodegenerative disease.  

The Lloyd laboratory uses a combination of genetic, molecular, cellular, physiologic, and imaging approaches in Drosophila, mouse, and iPS models in addition to human brain and muscle tissue to study the cell biology of degenerative diseases affecting the neuromuscular system.  

Relevant recent publications include: Britson KA et al (2019) JoVE Sep 16;151; Vogler et al (2019) Nature 563:508; Zhang K et al (2018) Cell 173:958.  Highly motivated and energetic candidates with a strong publication record are encouraged to apply.  Interested applicants should send curriculum vitae to  

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Postdoctoral Fellow