Mental Health Services in the Capital Region Copenhagen (REGIONH)

Postdoctoral fellow in Statistics, Statistical Genomics or Bioinformatics of Brain Disorders

Institute of Biological Psychaitry

Roskilde, Denmark

Institute of Biological Psychiatry [IBP] under the auspices of the Copenhagen Mental Health Services and University of Copenhagen is an international and highly competitive research environment. We are currently looking for a postdoctoral fellow to work on genomics of mental disorders.

Job profile

We are looking for a highly motivated and skilled fellow with a Ph.D. in the field of statistics or bioinformatics to interpret genetic and environmental data in psychiatric diseases at an unprecedented scale and resolution. As part of the iPSYCH project, you will have access to genome-wide genotypes and register based healthcare and socioeconomic traits on 130.000 individuals. This position offers an exciting opportunity to contribute to the current revolution in our genetic and biological understanding of mental disorder. You will work in close collaboration with colleagues while also developing and implementing your research ideas and goals. As a Postdoctoral fellow you will work with the institute’s Lead Scientists and formally report to the Director of the Institute, Professor Thomas Werge.

Institute of Biological Psychiatry

The goals of IBP are to identify (1) causes and mechanisms, and (2) to convert these findings into actionable biological and clinical understanding of mental disorders and clinical outcomes. Since the beginning of the millennium, IBP (a) has built national biobanks covering mental disorders, cross-referencing with the comprehensive, population-based health and socio-economic registers, (b) has been a driver in international genomics consortia identify highly significant and replicated CNVs, point mutations and SNPs, © has been a founding partner and leader of the iPSYCH Initiative ( that combines three Danish research institutions as well as multiple international academic groups and industrial partners, and (d) has been and still is a partner in numerous EU and NIH sponsored studies.

Current projects

IBP is actively engaged in the following types of research ventures:

  • Identification and genomic prediction of disease trajectories
  • Leveraging geo-spatial distribution to Identify interacting environmental exposures and genomic risk factors
  • Cross-disorders gene discovery studies
  • Genealogy- and polygenic scores-based prediction of clinical subgroups and outcomes


  • You are highly competent in: Statistics or genetic bioinformatics, analysis of big data, e.g. register, GWA or sequence data, and statistical analysis using R, MATLAB or similar

  • Experience is desirable, but not vital in: Analyzing multivariate longitudinal and survival data, GWA analysis programs like PLINK, GCTA, or IMPUTE2, data resources like 1000G, Hapmap, GO, KEGG, REACTOME, and programming common languages such as Python, Perl or C++

  • Personal assets: You are ambitious and with a strong desire to achieve own scientific goals. You are driven by curiosity and scientifically self-propelling. You have the ability to work independently and structured, and have an open, collaborative and analytical mindset

Terms of employment

The period of employment is 2 years (37 hours per week) with the possibility of extension. We offer an attractive salary in accordance with the current agreements, good working conditions and a supportive and collaborative environment. Your place of work is at the Institute of Biological Psychiatry at the Mental Health Center Sct. Hans located in Roskilde just west of Copenhagen. The institute will be able to provide temporary accommodation at the hospital campus.

For further information about the position or institute please visit our website or contact: Frants von Lüttichau

How to apply

We encourage submission of applications as soon as possible and no later than 19th of April 2020. The application and a professional CV must be submitted as one PDF file. All interested candidates irrespective of age, gender, disability, race, religion or ethnic background are encouraged to apply.

Please apply via recruiter’s website.