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Postdoctoral associate

Postdoctoral research position at Yale Psychiatry

New Haven, CT, United States

Postdoctoral research position is available for the research on the prefrontal function for higher cognition and its dysfunction in psychiatric illnesses in the Department of Psychiatry and Neuroscience at Yale School of Medicine.

Research in our group (PI: Hyojung Seo, PhD.) focuses on, 1) cortico-striatal mechanisms of causal inference in learning and decision-making, 2) prefrontal regulation of motivation and its dysfunction in depression, 3) potential roles of the prefrontal NMDA-receptor in prefrontal memory and regulation of behavior.

To address these questions, we use an array of techniques including electrophysiology, pharmacological/ electrical circuit manipulation in non-human primate (NHP) model as well as computational modeling on behavior and neural circuits in collaboration with computational neuroscientists. We actively explore new techniques such as high channel-count microelectrode array and PET-guided chemogenetic manipulation of neural activity.

We are also collaborating with human neuroimaging group (PI: Ifat Levy, PhD.), which provides an excellent opportunity for interdisciplinary approach to understanding prefrontal mechanisms of higher cognition and its translation to human psychiatry. Ideal candidates would have previous experience in animal training, electrophysiology and computational modeling.

To apply, please e-mail a brief description of research interest, a copy of CV, and the contact information for 3 references to hyojung.seo@yale.edu.

Yale is an affirmative action equal opportunity employer. Yale values diversity among its students, faculty, and staff. Women, persons with disabilities, protected veterans, and underrepresented minorities are encouraged to apply.


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Postdoctoral associate