The University of Iowa (UI)

Postdoctoral Associate

Irani Lab

Iowa City, IA, United States

A postdoctoral position is available in the Irani Lab at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine. The Lab has several exciting projects encompassing cardiovascular biology and cardiometabolic function. Some of these are 1) investigating the molecular basis, with an emphasis on non-coding RNAs, for the gut-brain axis in regulation of vascular tone (blood pressure) and metabolism (thermogenesis); 2) determining the role the microbiome plays in circardian physiology through central nervous system non-coding RNAs; 3) investigating how the brain-gut axis shapes the gut microbiome via CNS microRNA-regulated neural outflow; 4) examining how the microbiome affects cardiac function through cardiac vagal and sympathetic discharge. The Lab has strong preliminary data to support the validity of the hypotheses that the successful applicant can build on.

The Lab is a highly collaborative environment composed of individuals with complementary expertise. Career-minded postdocs are highly encouraged to apply, as the Lab provides a rich environment for career advancement. Postdoctoral fellows are granted ownership of their projects on which they can build their careers. The PI is committed and devotes time to nurturing and advancing the careers of the postdoctoral fellows. Many postdocs from the Lab have their independent grants and careers.

The ideal candidate must have experience in mouse cardiovascular physiology, and some skills in molecular biology, as documented through their publication record.. Applicants must otherwise be highly motivated and self-starters.

lab information can be accessed at the following link:

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Postdoctoral Associate