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Postdoc scholarship in time resolved ARPES on Quantum Materials

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Kista, Sweden

Postdoc (scholarship) in time resolved ARPES on Quantum Materials

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Project description

We seek a highly motivated postdoc to conduct experimental research at the group of Material Physics, KTH Kista Campus. Central to the research project is the study of dynamic electronic processes occurring at extremely short time periods, down to the femtosecond time scale (10-15 s). In your research, you will be part of a group investigating ultrafast transient states in quantum materials using a newly commissioned time and angle resolved photoemission spectrometer (ARPES). With ARPES the electronic band structure of quantum materials will be mapped following ultrafast electronic and/or structural excitations. The new instrument is based on a high harmonic generation (HHG) laser source operating at high repetition rates (> 500 kHz). The HHG source deliverer photons energies from 10.8 eV to beyond 25 eV at an energy resolution better than 20 meV. The combined high temporal, energy, and momentum resolutions will provide detailed information on dynamic processes previously not feasible to study experimentally. Research topics of special interest include dynamics of charge density waves, pressure induced transitions and conformations, and driven phase transitions. The research project will be in close collaboration with Sweden’s lone ultrafast electron microscope (UEM) providing complementary structural information. The UEM is located in the same research group. In addition to laser based ARPES, the project has preferential access to the Veritas beamline at the MAX IV synchrotron. The project is supported by a strong theory group at KTH/Nordita.

Your research will include time resolved ARPES, HHG, nonlinear optics, femtosecond lasers, and synchrotron radiation. The position and project is financed by a grant for infrastructure of national importance from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation.


The candidate should hold a PhD in experimental physics or similar degree and demonstrated scientific excellence in published works in scientific journals. Research experience with quantum materials, femtosecond lasers, HHG, ARPES, and/or time resolved spectroscopy is central to the position. The candidate should have good communication skills and good command of English in writing and speaking as he/she will present research results in top conferences and journals. Applicants must be strongly motivated for postdoctoral studies, possess the ability to work independently and perform critical analysis and also possess good levels of cooperative and communicative abilities. The evaluation will be based on the research experience and how well the applicant fulfills the above qualifications.

To be qualified for the scholarship you need to have defended your thesis within the last 5 years.


Apply to this scholarship by e-mail to scholarshipapplication@sci.kth.se. You are the main responsible to ensure that your application is complete according to the ad. Your complete application must be received at KTH no later than 2019-05-08. Mark your application with reference number S-2019-0078.

The application must include the following documents:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • List of Publications
  • Cover letter (detailing both your previous scientific work experience and your interest in this position)
  • PhD degree and transcripts (translation if the original is not in English)
  • Cover letter with a statement of the applicant’s research experience relevant to the project (max 2 pages)
  • Names and contact details of three potential referees

Please observe that you apply for a scholarship, not an employment.

Other information

Period: 1 year with possibility for 1 year extension

Extent: Full-time
Amount of scholarship: According to agreement

Location: KTH, Stockholm


Queries concerning the position can be directed to

  1. Jonas Weissenrieder, associate professor,Phone: +46(0)8 790 41 33, Email: jonas@kth.se
  1. Oscar Tjernberg, professor,Phone: +46(0)8 790 41 58, Email: oscar@kth.se

We firmly decline all contact with staffing and recruitment agencies and job ad salespersons.


Apply with CV and Cover Letter

Must be a .doc, .docx, or .pdf file and no larger than 1MBMust be a .doc, .docx, or .pdf file and no larger than 1MB

Postdoc scholarship in time resolved ARPES on Quantum Materials