EPFL Institute of Bioengineering (IBI)

Post-doc in quantitative/biophysical dissection of transcription factor networks

David Suter

Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland

Post-doc in quantitative/biophysical dissection of transcription factor networks

The laboratory of David Suter (https://www.epfl.ch/labs/suter-lab/) at the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) is looking for a Post-doctoral researcher to work on a project involving quantitative, live single cell analysis of transcription factor concentrations and activity in pluripotent stem cells.


This project is part of a Sinergia Consortium funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, and will involve interdisciplinary collaboration with our partner labs experts in microfluidics and in vitro transcription factor characterization (Sebastian Maerkl lab, EPFL), and computational modelling of biological networks (Erik van Nimwegen lab, University of Basel). The project will involve cutting edge approaches such as genome editing, quantitative and genome-wide measurements/analysis of transcription factor binding. The overarching goal of this project is to reach a quantitative understanding of how transcription factor networks control cell identity. EPFL is a world-leading engineering school situated at the shore of Lake Geneva in Switzerland that fosters interdisciplinarity across basic and engineering science. Starting salary: 80’000 kCHF/year.


If you have a strong background in molecular/cell biology and bioinformatics and are interested in this project, send a cover letter, CV and the contact information of 3 referees to david.suter@epfl.ch. Additional expertise in genome editing, live cell imaging and microfluidics is a plus. For more information please visit https://www.epfl.ch/labs/suter-lab/sinergia-project/ or contact me using the email address given above.



Mitotic chromosome binding predicts transcription factor properties in interphase. 

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Nature Communications 2019


Endogenous fluctuations of OCT4 and SOX2 bias pluripotent cell fate decisions.

Strebinger D*, Deluz C*, Friman ET*, Govindan S, Alber AB, Suter DM.

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Dynamic regulation of chromatin accessibility around the cell cycle by pioneer transcription factors.

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Single Live Cell Monitoring of Protein Turnover Reveals Intercellular Variability and Cell-Cycle Dependence of Degradation Rates.

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A role for mitotic bookmarking of SOX2 in pluripotency and differentiation.

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Genes & Development 2016

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Post-doc in quantitative/biophysical dissection of transcription factor networks