University of Southern Denmark (SDU)

Postdoc in hearing aid research

University of Southern Denmark (SDU)

Odense M, Denmark

The Department of Clinical Research, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Southern Denmark (SDU) invites applications for a postdoctoral position in the area of hearing aid research. The position is available for 27 months. The starting date is Oct. 1st 2020 or at the selected candidate’s earliest convenience.

Job description
The Department of Clinical Research at SDU is offering a full-time postdoc position funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark. The project involves a collaboration between SDU, the Technical University of Denmark (Prof. Torsten Dau), Boston University (Prof. Gin Best) and WS Audiology (Dr. Adam Westermann).

Reverberation is a common type of acoustic interference that blurs the information contained in speech signals. This leads to poorer speech understanding, especially for hearing-impaired listeners. Research has shown large individual differences in robustness to reverberation, which are poorly understood. For effective hearing rehabilitation, methods for characterizing and predicting the perceptual consequences of hearing loss and compensatory hearing-aid processing are therefore crucial.

The successful applicant will carry out a number of studies aimed at analyzing the effects of hearing loss on reverberant speech perception and at developing compensatory hearing-aid processing strategies as well as methods for predicting individual benefit from them. To accomplish these goals, the candidate will have access to state-of-the-art experimental facilities and relevant expertise from the involved project partners.

The position is suited for a person with a technical audiological background coupled with an interest in patient-related work. Ideally, applicants for the position should satisfy the following requirements:

  • PhD degree in audiology, acoustics, speech and hearing sciences, engineering or a related field
  • Solid knowledge of hearing-aid signal processing and psychoacoustics
  • Strong knowledge of Matlab or a similar programming language
  • Research experience as evidenced by conference contributions and peer-reviewed journal articles in a field related to the offered position
  • Some knowledge of the Danish language or the willingness to learn it

For further information about the position, please contact Dr. Tobias Neher, Associate Professor in Audiology, Department of Clinical Research, SDU, email phone: +45 6550 7659

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Application deadline
August 16, 2020

Please apply via recruiter’s website.