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Postdoc Fellow Scholarship in Research of the Evolution of Multicellularity

Lund University (LU)

Lund, Sweden

Animals are the most successful versions of multicellular life on Earth in terms of size and tissue complexity, but what faciliated this complexity remains enigmatic. External factors are often invoked, like an increase of free oxygen. In contrast, we focus on the evolutionary changes within tissue that may have led to the success of complex multicellular organisms.

Our overall aim onwards is to test implications of the hypothesis of refined stemness control (Hammarlund et al., 2018), and to further explore the model with focus on oxygen, hypoxic gene regulation, and carbonic anhydrases. Newly defined questions can be explored within cell- and molecular biology techniques (e.g. RNA-sequencing, cell culturing, immunohistochemistry), bioinformatics, and in vivo biological experiments. In addition, the explorations would involve broad literature studies.

We seek a brave and ambitious postdoc willing to explore uncharted scientific terrain.

Qualifications required:
1. The applicant should have an interest in the evolution of life and broad experience in biology or of developmental and geobiological questions.
2. The applicant should hold a PhD degree (after 2017-01-13) in the biological sciences with experience in bioinformatics, transcription factor regulation, and/or wet lab experiments.
3. The applicant should be an expert in carbonic anhydrases, genetic evolution, cells stemness or invertebrate animal physiology.
4. The applicant should be used to defining and exploring research questions independently.
5. The applicant should be an ambitious scholar and keen on learning.
6. The applicant should have good communication skills as well as able to interact efficiently in a team.
7. Excellent spoken and written English.

The applicant should not have been employed by Lund University within the last two years in order to be able to receive a scholarship. PhD degree should not be more than three years old at the last day of applying.

Placement: Translational Cancer Research at the Medical Faculty, LU
Ref No: 2019/1607
Duration: 13 months
Starting time: 13th of Jan 2020
Last day for applying: 16th of December 2019

For further information please contact:
Emma Hammarlund,

Lund University encourages both men and women to apply for the position.

Information regarding post doc scholarships at Lund University
• The scholarship amounts to 28.000 SEK/month and is normally paid three months in advance.

• The scholarship is intended for the recipient’s own education and does not constitute compensation for work carried out for the University.

• The scholarship is a grant and therefore not subjected to tax deduction.

• The scholarship does not entitle the recipient to compensation in case of illness.

• The scholarship does not constitute a pensionable income.

• The scholarship does not entitle the recipient to vacation.

• The scholarship does not include financial compensation for parental leave.

• The scholarship does not entitle the recipient to allowance during travels in the line of duty.

• The scholarship awarded is to be reviewed by the head of department every six months and the supervisor is to inform the head of department before each review of any significant circumstances.

• Scholarships set up by Lund University for any individual may not run for a period of more than 24 months.

• The scholarship follows the regulations established by the Vice-Chancellor of Lund University (June 27th 2013; Reg. No PE 2013/356).

Application stating the reference number V 2019/1607 and containing a CV, a personal letter, proof of dissertation and relevant documents should be addressed to: Please e-mail your application rather than use the online submission option below.

Last day of application is 2019-12-16

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Postdoc Fellow Scholarship in Research of the Evolution of Multicellularity