Diamond Light Source Ltd

Post Doctoral Research Associate

Diamond Light Source Ltd

Didcot, United Kingdom

Post Doctoral Research Associate, Beamline I11

Business Area: Science

Full Time Salary: £33,297 to £39,172 per annum (Discretionary range to £45,048)

Post Type: Full time / Fixed term

Term: 3 years

Provisional Interview Dates: Late September / early October 2019

Closing Date: 15/09/2019

Ref No: 10244


We are seeking a suitable candidate as a post-doctoral research associate to develop further our research in the fields of energy, environmental materials or Earth and planetary science such as Li/Na-ion battery and gas storage materials, geochemical mineralisation processes or the evolution of cosmic materials. The successful candidate will based at beamline I11 (Diamond Light Source) which is optimised for high-resolution and time-resolved powder diffraction using a high brightness X-ray beam (https://www.diamond.ac.uk/Instruments/Crystallography/I11.html). The high performance instrument is ideally suited to study the structural properties of polycrystalline materials at ambient and non-ambient conditions, through the use of in situ sample environments. It also has the capability for long duration experiments (LDEs) to monitor slow structural or phase changes in functional/applied materials.

Suitable candidates should be familiar with the applications of synchrotron powder diffraction and the methods of analysing powder diffraction data. Preference will be given to those who are also familiar with other diffraction/scattering methods and/or complimentary techniques (synchrotron and laboratory). Applicants should have a strong research interest in one or more of the above areas, or in closely related fields. The selected candidate will participate in both individual and collaborative research activities, with the specific remit of developing research relating to the areas outlined above using the beamline and other central facilities. The post holder will be required to work with the beamline team and other Diamond staff, and to participate in user support, beamline commissioning and sample cell development and commissioning.

Please apply via recruiter’s website.