PhD student (f/m/d)

Helmholtz Zentrum München - German Research Center for Environmental Health (HMGU)

Neuherberg (bei München), Germany

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Institute of Functional Epigenetics

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PHD Thesis

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As German Research Center for Environmental Health, Helmholtz Zentrum München pursues the goal of developing personalized medical approaches for the prevention and therapy of major common diseases such as diabetes mellitus, allergies and lung diseases. To achieve this, it investigates the interaction of genetics, environmental factors and lifestyle.

For our research team we are currently looking for a

PhD student (f/m/d)

The project

To achieve accurate packaging of DNA into chromatin, cells need to precisely control the concentration of histone proteins, the building blocks of nucleosomes. Typically, histone production is tightly linked to DNA replication during S-phase, to ensure that histones are produced when needed. However, at this point we do not know when this cell-cycle-dependence of histone production is established in the early mammalian embryo, nor how embryos are able to produce the right amount of histones despite exponentially increasing DNA concentration during the early stages of development.

The project aims to use molecular biology and imaging approaches to obtain a quantitative understanding of histone biogenesis during early mouse development. Manipulation of the embryo will then be used to disentangle the mechanistic contribution of DNA content, developmental stage, and cell size.

This interdisciplinary project will be a close collaboration between the groups of Dr. Kurt Schmoller and Prof. Dr. Maria Elena Torres-Padilla and requires that experiments will be performed in both labs.

Your qualifications

- Master’s degree in cell biology, biochemistry, or similar fields
- Wet lab experience and basic skills in molecular and cell biology
- Interest in interdisciplinary and quantitative biology
- Excellent skills in spoken and written English

Our Offer

At the Helmholtz Zentrum München, you can contribute together with leading researchers to the investigation of the development, prevention and treatment of environmental diseases such as diabetes, chronic lung diseases and allergies. In order to further promote your professional development, we offer extensive and targeted research training and career programmes. We support the reconciliation between work and private life with flexible working time models, occupational health management, day care facility for children, a childcare subsidy, Elder Care, as well as other counseling and support services.

Remuneration and benefits are in accordance with the collective agreement for the public service (EG 13 50% TV EntgO Bund). In addition, there is also the possibility of granting an allowance amounting to 15% if the necessary conditions are fulfilled.

The position is (initially) limited to three years.

The activity involves special knowledge and experience specific to own scientific skills.

As a holder of the Total E-Quality Award, we promote equality of opportunity. In order to increase the proportion of women in management positions, we would be pleased to receive corresponding applications. Qualified applicants with physical disabilities will be given preference.

Please apply via recruiter’s website.

Quote Reference: 2019/0153