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PhD researcher new generation landscape manager

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

PhD researcher new generation landscape manager


The TERRANOVA project aims to train Early Stage Researchers (ESR’s) working with policy makers and the wider society with a deep appreciation of a wide range of sectors affecting landscapes, and to form a new generation capable of coproducing responses to the interdisciplinary challenges of land management where ecosystem services, cultural heritage, and economic qualities are balanced and preserved, taking into consideration ongoing climate,
environmental and social change.


Would you like to become part of a new generation of landscape managers? Would you like to be employed and trained as a PhD researcher and to work, with a prestigious European fellowship, in an international and multidisciplinary team of researchers, professionals and entrepreneurs in the field of landscape history and management? Then, the TERRANOVA partners would like to hear from you archaeologists, earth scientists, (palaeo)ecologists, landscape managers, and rewilding graduates.


The TERRANOVA consortium consists of 8 universities, 3 ngo´s and 3 companies Non-academic beneficiaries include IUCN, the world’s oldest and largest global environmental organisation, and Rewilding Europe (RE), currently working in 13 different European countries and connecting rewilding initiatives in more than 20 European countries, form together with the academic beneficiaries an unprecedented unique intersectoral consortium to seek the balance between nature and culture in the European landscape. See further:


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